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This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit. Click here to view more Kickstart placement opportunities.

September 29, 2021
Part Time
United States

Our indie game studio, Trese Brothers Games, is looking for a part-time U.S.-based community manager to help us continue growing a fun, helpful community where every player knows they’re heard. You’ll play a key role in the release of our next game, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. You’ll help us capture critical player feedback during our private ~1,000-player alpha-testing period, and foster a great community environment that builds at each milestone -- from alpha, to early access, to release and beyond.

We’re a small but mighty team with a track record of success on Steam and Kickstarter, driven by the reviews & evangelism of the sizable playerbase we’ve grown over the past ten years. Our last game, Star Traders: Frontiers, was recognized by Rock Paper Shotgun as one of the Best PC Games of the Decade, as well as numerous awards for its mobile versions. 

You’ll be the fourth member of our core staff, joining founders Cory (CEO & Technical Lead) and Andrew (Creative Director, co-developer), and our Marketing Director Jay. We’re in our Discord / forums every day and will continue to be so, but are limited by the time we have to spend on development. Our goal in hiring a community manager isn’t to replace our connection with the community, but to grow it as a team. 

And we’re looking for someone who can grow in the role as well. While we’re looking to hire you as a part-time contractor now, based on current wishlist numbers for CK:F we expect to be able to bring you on as a full-time employee at the game’s launch into Early Access (likely mid-2022). 

Role Details

Your five key areas of responsibility will be:

  • Listening daily across our channels for community feedback, bug reports, and questions. Make sure players know they're heard; provide guidance, appreciation, or answers as appropriate.
  • Working with us to systematically capture & organize feedback at-scale. Building surveys on various aspects of gameplay; communicating proposed feature changes; coming up with the right ways to measure player enjoyment and more across CK:F’s alpha & early access; exporting and analyzing reviews.
  • Helping ensure a great player experience during the alpha. From being a friendly, helpful presence in the community, to contributing ideas for keeping everyone engaged through the duration of the alpha, to keeping an eye out for opportunities and problems our regular feedback doesn’t fully capture.
  • Maintaining key sources of player information like game FAQs and Known Issues, and creating internal resources like a support knowledgebase / list of responses to common requests.
  • Fostering a supportive player community. Helping new players with questions connect with veteran players who have answers; highlighting and supporting player-created guides, tips, and resources; working with our moderators in Discord and acting as a moderator on Steam forums to keep these communities welcoming and positive.

Responsibilities will change. The alpha of CK:F will be focused heavily on player feedback and bug-reports as we rapidly iterate, and involve lots of personal communication with ~1,000 of our biggest supporters. Early Access will introduce a new level of scale, and an increased focus on welcoming new players into the community & connecting them to knowledge about the game. Before the alpha and after the role expands to full-time, you’ll contribute more to community engagement for Star Traders and our studio overall.

What We’re Looking For in Applicants

We’re flexible on your level of experience. We’re not experts at community management specifically and would be happy to let someone with proven processes run with what works for them, so long as it also works for our kind of community, games, and studio. But we’re also comfortable working with you to create these systems, providing you with mentorship from all that we’ve learned across 8 games, and supporting your access to resources for learning outside the company.

The essential things we’re looking for from the start are:

  • Excellent written communication. Easy to understand, friendly & professional, responsive to what the other person has said.
  • Enthusiasm for tactical RPGs. Planning character builds excites you. Depth of dice mechanics does not intimidate you.
  • Basic graphics editing. You can capture a screenshot, crop it and lay it over another screenshot, and add text to it.
  • Organized, and comfortable with technology. As a small studio we punch above our weight by being focused, efficient, and building smart systems to support our time. You should be a person who regularly uses schedules / systems to support getting things done, doesn’t have trouble learning new tools / software, and is comfortable figuring out formatting like Markdown or BBcode (used across Steam).
  • Reliable, and a good person. This is a role of immense trust, both from us and for our players. Our expectations are that you’re mindful of the promises you make, stand against bigotry or discrimination, and are ethical in your dealings with us, our players, and others.

Bonus skills & qualities

Don’t let a lack of any of the following discourage you from applying. Most skills in this section are optional nice-to-haves; any that end up being needed we’re happy to train you in. Just want to encourage you to highlight any of this if it does apply.

  • Graphic design, proficiency with Adobe Photoshop or similar. Beyond the basics of screenshots with text, a good sense of graphic design would be helpful for even better visual communication. We can create any polished graphics we really need, but if you’re able to contribute to this it is a plus.
  • Project management experience. As mentioned, organization and not-letting-things-fall-through-the-cracks are important for this role. While you should definitely be a people-person and skilled at those aspects of the job, if your experience includes coordination/process-focused work or skills, we’d love to hear about them.
  • Willingness to stream on the Trese Brothers channel. Streaming will never be a main focus of this role, but if we found someone comfortable with streaming, we’d be happy to let you learn our games on stream where the community can support you, and would consider it a plus (but again, not required) if streaming is a channel you feel comfortable representing us and interacting with the community on occasion.

To Apply

You’ve made it this far; we’d love to hear from you!

To apply, please send us an email -- jay [@at@] tresebrothers [.dot.] com -- telling us in your own words what appeals to you about this role and why you'd be a good fit for it. Please attach your resume or include a link to your LinkedIn as well. Please include the phrase “12 gamers gaming” somewhere within your email.


Recruiters, please do not reach out.

About Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is a tactical RPG in an original cyberpunk setting ten years in the making. Build your team of hackers, mercs and thieves wisely; their stories will become interwoven with your own. Use powerful cyberware, shady connections, stealth, hacking and more to rise in the neon-soaked future.

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