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May 17, 2023
US or Newfoundland

Tursiops Truncatus Studios is seeking a Community Manager experienced in video games to kickstart and grow our social media presence. Our ideal fit is someone who understands not just audience-building, but building a creative and open-minded community of gamers. Eager to connect with others, you are comfortable independently planning, creating, and sharing content. Leaving behind-the-scenes work to others, you are up front and center experimenting with new social media tactics. You lead conversations and engage with community members on social media. You’re always keeping an eye open for nuanced feedback that can be turned into actionable game ideas together with the team. As a gamer yourself, you deeply understand the audience and translate the brand message into a strong voice loved by a diverse community of gamers.

Our ideal candidate has the following skills, experience, and qualifications. We encourage you to apply even if you don’t meet all the criteria 100%.



  • Kickstart and grow our community on social media. We intend to focus first on TikTok, Twitter, and Discord. Other channels may apply later as we grow and discover more (Twitch, Facebook, Reddit, wikis, forums, etc.)
  • Act as a liaison between our audience and the team, collecting nuanced feedback and helping to translate player experiences into actionable ideas.
  • Learn the intricacies of our games and communicate what about our projects most excites us and our players.
  • Plan, create, and share content regularly across our social media channels, communicating our brand message and engaging with our audience in real time.
  • Analyze engagement data, identifying trends, discussing new ideas with the team, and implementing the insights into our social campaign.


Skills & Experience

  • Social media or community building experience. You know how to connect deeply with others via social channels.
  • Copywriting or ghostwriting experience. You understand how to build a strong narrative that upholds brand voice and messaging.
  • Basic image and video editing experience. You capture and transform game content into eye-catching images and videos for social media.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. You love meeting people, communicating on social media, collecting feedback, and discussing it with the team.
  • A love of video games, whether that means climbing FPS leaderboards or relaxing with a match-3. You know how to talk to gamers because you're a gamer yourself.



  • A portfolio that includes examples of social media copy and multimedia elements. Bonus if you can link us to real social media content.
  • A thorough understanding of TikTok, Twitter, and Discord. Able to quickly adapt to new social channels as needed.
  • Able to play and capture footage from our games. (Genres: shoot-em-up, puzzle, visual novel. Platforms: iOS, Steam, PC/Mac.)
  • Able to engage on social media in real time.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Able to attend cameras-on meetings with the team (weekly or as appropriate).
  • Located in the US or Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Minimum education high school diploma or GED.


Bonus Points

  • Event marketing experience. We attend occasional game industry conventions. Opportunities involve event promotions, travel within the US, equipment setup and tear down, operating the booth, interacting with players and collecting feedback, etc.
  • Email marketing experience. We have a company newsletter that goes out as appropriate. Opportunities involve copywriting and editorial for newsletters, curating and creating interesting content and links, identifying trends and insights from data, etc.


Compensation & Details



  • 1099 Independent Contractor



  • Base pay: $2000 monthly.
  • Bonus pay: We will offer a monthly incentive of up to $3000 (in addition to base pay) as a reward for exceptional performance in growing our audience, increasing brand awareness, and fostering community engagement.



  • 6 month contract, which will span the production and launch of our next game.
  • Ongoing opportunities may be available after the initial contract.


Time Commitment:

  • Part-time / Flexible schedule.
  • We ask a minimum of 1 Tiktok per day, 4 Tweets per week, and engagement as needed in our (small, but growing) Discord server. Additionally, we will discuss together a schedule for regular checkins, meetings, and reports that works for you.
  • Pay is per social channel, rather than hourly, to give you maximum flexibility.
Tursiops Truncatus Studios

Tursiops Truncatus Studios is a quirky, women-led, majority LGBTQ independent game studio with roots dating back to the 90’s shareware game community.

We change the world through expression. From the unconventional to the unsung, we amplify diverse voices with powerful storytelling, push stereotypes through worlds built on equity, and celebrate the individual experience with openness and sincerity.

Innovative new experiences are our passion. From cozy puzzlers to intense action, exploring new mechanics, control schemes, and genre-bending ideas is our jam. We see games as creative expression and prioritize our players’ time, money, and emotional well-being.

Self-care is more valuable than speed. We take our craft seriously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously in the process. We share our learnings to uplift fellow game developers and give back to the community as we journey together towards a brighter future.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion. We aim to make game worlds that celebrate diversity of all types. That starts by building a team with diverse experiences that enhance creativity and improve decision-making, which are vital to the success of our vision. Though our team may be small, we are committed to learning and growing together through ongoing conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe everyone should be empowered to contribute their unique perspectives to our creative process. We seek to collaborate with individuals and organizations who can help us broaden representation, accessibility, and inclusion in our games. Qualified candidates of all races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, genders and identities, sexual orientations, and disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Featured Game

The Day We Fought Space is a wreck ‘em up with spiraling chain reactions! Strategize, explore, and respond, as you fight your way through enemy territory. use physics to your advantage in a game more about reaction than rehearsal. throw your enemy off their game, and adapt quickly to minimize damage and maximize opportunities.

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