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This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit. Click here to view more Kickstart placement opportunities.

September 10, 2021
Full Time

Twin Drums is a hybrid-remote indie game studio with employees in Europe & Africa (primary work timezones). We are growing our team and are looking for a Game Design Intern (Paid) to work with us on The Wagadu Chronicles, an African-inspired indie MMO built from the ground up for role-playing.

wagadu chronicles

We are a small team, so the work that you contribute will have a large impact on the outcome of the project. Often in cases, team members take on multiple roles within the project, especially if this role is within their expertise or there is a personal interest.

The Wagadu Chronicles is an ambitious project, developed by a group of experienced game designers, artists and engineers who are very passionate about the project. At Twin Drums we acknowledge and highly encourage learning and growth as we go along, come and grow with us.

Your Profile:

  • Self-organized
  • Interested in growing and learning new things.
  • Open to giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Has a regard and respect for the project as a whole.
  • Open-minded. 

Game Design of The Wagadu Chronicles

TWC is a top-down sandbox MMORPG with particular focus on role-playing. As an afro-fantasy setting, we are the first in the genre to take our inspiration entirely from African and black diasporic cultures. From tailoring and herding to combat and exploration, every aspect of The Wagadu Chronicles draws from interesting aspects of its inspiration and uses this to create role-play friendly experiences that enable you to create and be a part of fun emergent stories with your friends or with other Wagadians from across the globe.

Players are able to have an impact on the world of Wagadu when claiming Guardian Spirits (“Wakas”) and building their own living communities around them. It is even possible in some cases to affect the lay of the land itself. You may have lost your memories on your fall into Wagadu, but we guarantee that, if you look after yourself and keep the deities happy, the new ones will be even better.

The Role:

  • Create new content such as recipes for items, item descriptions etc.
  • Contribute to features such as new enemy AIs for our turn-based combat
  • Produce and maintain design documentation.
  • Help maintain and expand the lore.
  • Contribute to level design.

Your Skills:

  • You understand role-playing games (bonus points for knowledge in MMORPGs and/or Pen&Paper)
  • You have an analytical mind and can quickly come up with ideas and solutions
  • You are organised and good with creating/managing documentation

Nice to have:

  • Familiarity with any black and African cultures.

twin drums logo

About us: 

Twin Drums was founded not just with the goal of making great, innovative games but also with the goal of challenging many of the issues of the gaming industry such as lack of representation and endemic overwork. We believe not only that our industry needs to see more changes, but also our society; making inclusive games is a small contribution to a better world. Twin Drums strives to be a safe anti-racist, feminist, non-ableist, queer positive and anti-colonialist space.

We want to create an inclusive and flexible workspace and as a default offer remote work with a part-time (4-day week) structure.  We believe that the magic lies more in good production schedules and clever time management.

We encourage applications particularly from women/non-binary, people with disabilities, people of colour, and other groups that are underrepresented throughout the game industry. We see you and you are more than welcome here at Twin Drums!

For more information check out our Kickstarter and our website.

How to apply:

If you are interested in applying for this role, please send us a short email with a link to your portfolio, a few words on your background and why you are interested in working with us to

We're also hiring a Game Rigger/Animator. You can view (and share) all of our open roles here.

About The Wagadu Chronicles

Have you ever wondered what real roleplaying looks in an MMO? A place where to leave the real world behind and to fully immerse yourself into a fantasy setting in which everybody, from sorcerer to sailor, cares about their character and acts according to it.

Imagine playing a wonderful African inspired RPG where all the interesting NPCs are... actual other players! And their quests are true emergent stories that you can be part of! Imagine skill trees, village management, craft systems and countless other features, all built so that you can create rich characters full of memories and quirks.

This is The Wagadu Chronicles - the Role-Play-first Afrofantasy MMORPG: we are bringing back the "role-play" into the MMORPG genre!

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