Game Programmer (Unreal)

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January 5, 2022
United Kingdom

UnifiQ is a small and diverse team of young people aged 21-29 who are passionate about creating meaningful experiences through video games. We have a family culture at the company, and highly value diversity, autonomy, and trust. We would love like-minded enthusiasts to join our family. We believe in potential, not experience. So if you believe that you have huge potential and UnifiQ is the right place for you, we want to speak to you!


We are looking for a candidate to help us with programming some of the gameplay elements of our debut title, Operation Outsmart, using mostly Blueprints and some C++ in Unreal Engine 4. You will mainly be working on designing and implementing the narrative and the quest system of the game. You will be developing the codes upon the existing frameworks and tools built for the game. Upon joining, you will be thoroughly trained so that you get a good understanding of the current state of the game.

You will be working closely with the game designers and programmers to plan, design and develop the systems and codes. You will also have the chance to voice your opinions and ideas, test the game and provide relevant feedback.


Most importantly, you must have a passion for programming and games. It is expected that you can design and develop good code.

Having a diligent and scalable approach to programming and being able to communicate effectively with the rest of the team is essential.

Having some game programming experience as part of a hobby, personal project, university degree or career is highly desirable.

Familiarity with using C++ for Unreal Engine is a bonus but not required.


The job will entirely be remote work. Team communications are done via Discord, and we use Perforce for version control and collaborative game development. It is expected however that you can meet in-person with the team in or near London about once every month.

How to Apply

If you are a UK resident aged 16 to 24 who is out of education and claiming Universal Credit, please complete this form and reference postal code NW10 7GD when speaking to your work coach.

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About UnifiQ

UnifiQ is a young London-based startup with the aspiration to create profound experiences through video games. Our ambition is to exploit cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art technologies to create experiences that are not only fun but also meaningful. Not only do we want to be at the forefront of technology but we also want to design and make incredible games. We are here for the long term and want to make our mark on the indie game industry.

About Operation Outsmart

Operation Outsmart is an openworld RPG with the ability to build your own mobile battle build. Based on the Euluru Island, the habitat of intelligent koalas, it is your job to take back the land and stop the koalas living in fear. To do so you need to defeat the villains that have infiltrated their lands. The villains are agents of the future who have time travelled to the past to send rare metal ores to the future through a wormhole. The player must complete quests in order to get resources and upgrade their build. The build then can be used to battle against the villains on the island and save the koalas.

Programming & Development
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