Experienced 3D Artist

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August 18, 2020
Full Time
Godalming, UK

As an Experienced 3D Artist you will work closely with The Team to create all types of 3D/2D art assets for both current and future projects. We want to make cool looking games and we want you to be a massive part of that.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working closely with the Art Director and others to create uniquely stylised assets
  • Working independently on a variety of 3D/2D assets
  • To maintain and further evolve the vision for a recently released successful IP
  • Work with Outsource Artists, creating briefs and reviewing and critquing the assets they produce.
  • Maintaining your work schedule

Role Requirements:

  • A keen eye for creating successful, visually interesting game art
  • A love and understanding of games and game art creation
  • A portfolio showing clean, optimal, models for games
  • A portfolio showing models taken from concept to completion
  • Experienced in using 3D software (Maya/Max/Modo)
  • Excellent understanding of shape, form and scale
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of working with game engines
  • An eagerness to learn new working practices and software but can bring their own experience of best working practices to the team and studio

Additional or Desired Skills:

  • Able to create textures using 2D and 3D texturing software
  • Knowledge of Unity engine
  • Experience with outsource studios
  • Illustrative / Concept art

Job Reference: Ref UAA01

Please send all applications to: team@upstreamarcade.com

About Upstream Arcade

We are a small, plucky team with a desire to make beautiful looking, ground breaking action games that stand out and play great. We are currently beavering away on some exciting projects for consoles and PC and looking forward to revealing these to the gaming public.

Upstream Arcade is based in the difficult-to-pronounce market town of Godalming, UK - a town deemed so quintessentially British-y that Hollywood came knocking, chucked a load of fake snow around and used it as the backdrop to one half of the hit 2006 romantic comedy, Nancy Meyers’ THE HOLIDAY. The other half of the film was set in LA so it’s basically on a par with that, Possibly a bit better.

The studio is just off the High St with immediate access to local shops, a gym, parks and the River Wey. The Train Station with links to Guildford, London and Portsmouth, is 5 minutes walk and the A3 to London and Portsmouth runs nearby.

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