Junior Game Designer (Contract)

ustwo Games
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January 5, 2022
London, UK

We’re looking for a talented junior designer to join ustwo Games in London, creators of Monument Valley, Assemble with Care and Alba: a Wildlife Adventure. We are a group of people drawing from a diverse range of experience and creative influences to create interactive entertainment with stand-out production values, heart and broad appeal.

You will be passionate and creative, looking to gain professional experience in a supportive environment whilst immediately contributing to the development of new and existing titles.

You don’t necessarily need a degree or professional work experience. We are looking for someone who wants to pursue a career in the games industry, and who has a basic level of understanding of how games are made.

What you'll be doing:

  • Working and learning with the guidance of the project lead and design team
  • Design levels and content on paper and in-engine with some supervision
  • Observing user test sessions and recognising pain points in the game
  • Provide creative, imaginative and original solutions to design questions
  • Internalise and represent the design philosophy of the game to other team members


  • Strong at communication and design analysis
  • Experience working in a game engine (gamemaker, unity, unreal or other)
  • Has played tactics games
  • Able to work according to UK time zone


  • Collaborated on small projects like game jams
  • Access to London

What we can offer you:

  • We will be committed to supporting your growth and development
  • We promote flexible working days, which means you can start between 8am and 10am, and finish between 4pm and 6pm

Diversity statement

Ustwo games is committed to making a measurable positive impact on people’s everyday lives. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We believe diverse teams help us make better games and we actively hire for cultural growth. We welcome people of all ages, stories and backgrounds. We provide everyone with equal access to professional development.

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About us

We’re a mobile games studio that loves to make interactive entertainment which challenges the medium, with a strong focus on user experience and elegance in presentation. From our BAFTA award-winning hit Monument Valley, to innovative virtual reality experience Land’s End, we hope our dedication to craft and platform specific design shows in every product we create.

We are a people centric organisation aiming to make a positive impact in the world. And we believe that the best way to do it is by fostering true diversity of thought and a commitment to creating a workplace where people of every race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability or attribute and religious belief feels included, is appreciated for who they are and can have the space to thrive and grow.

Work at ustwo games

We’re still a relatively small team, but our aspirations are pretty huge. We’re always looking to challenge ourselves in the types of games we make, and in the audiences we try to reach, and in order to succeed in meeting those challenges, we want the best possible team mates to join us!

Our team already contains a diverse mixture of individuals from across the games industry, and other creative fields such as animation, illustration and digital product design. It’s this diverse mix of voices and experiences that encourages us to think about games in non-traditional ways, and also makes sure our social calendar is pretty eclectic!

We welcome applications from both within and outside the games industry, and offer a range of employee benefits.

About Our Games

Monument Valley I & II: The Monument Valley series has changed the gaming landscape on mobile and has helped encourage creators to make something that is short, poetic and beautiful. A new generation of gamers are influenced by this success, and are experiencing these new, exciting and perfectly formed stories and experiences for the first time.

Assemble with Care: When Maria, a globe-trotting antique restorer, arrives in the sun-soaked town of Bellariva, she has no idea just how broken it will turn out to be. She wants nothing more than to help the town’s inhabitants save their most beloved possessions, but when it’s their personal lives that are starting to fracture, she’ll need to find a way to hold them together, one spare screw at a time.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure: Join Alba as she visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. She is ready for a peaceful summer of wildlife exploration with her friend Ines, but when she sees an animal in danger, she realises she needs to do something about it!

Game & Level Design
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