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August 13, 2020

**This position has been closed.**

We’re looking for an experienced programmer to join the Alba team as Senior Programmer (3 months, Remote) and help to complete the game.

ustwo Games is a 30-person studio in London, best known as the creators of Monument Valley, Assemble With Care and the recently announced Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. We are a multi-discipline team drawing from a diverse range of experience and creative influences; our aim is to craft interactive entertainment with stand-out production values, heart and broad appeal.

The contract is for 3 months, there may be potential to extend if desired.

What you'll be doing

  • Joining the programming team under direction of the Lead Programmer, working closely with the rest of the team to finish features, bug fix and generally help ship the game.
  • Working on system features, gameplay, graphics, audio etc depending on your skillset.
  • Using your experience to quickly onboard onto the project and understand how to be most helpful.


  • 5+ years game development experience, including 2+ shipped products.
  • Solid understanding and extensive experience of writing games in Unity/C#.
  • Strong communication skills, able to collaborate with all disciplines.
  • Strong experience working on 3D games and good 3D maths skills.
  • Good familiarity with git version control system.


  • Prior experience of joining a project late to ship games
  • Development experience with XCode and Apple hardware (iPhone, Mac etc).
  • Secondary skill sets (game design, art, audio etc.).
  • Graphics programming experience.

Work at ustwo games

We’re still a relatively small team, but our aspirations are pretty huge. We’re always looking to challenge ourselves in the types of games we make, and in the audiences we try to reach, and in order to succeed in meeting those challenges, we want the best possible team mates to join us!

Our team already contains a diverse mixture of individuals from across the games industry, and other creative fields such as animation, illustration and digital product design. It’s this diverse mix of voices and experiences that encourages us to think about games in non-traditional ways, and also makes sure our social calendar is pretty eclectic!

We welcome applications from both within and outside the games industry, and offer a range of employee benefits.

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