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Velan Studios
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November 7, 2022
Full Time
Troy, NY

We are Velan Studios, an independent game developer with a passion for the unconventional. We make innovative games in a variety of genres with accessibility and depth to delight our audiences, no matter who they are. We believe in maintaining a creative, collaborative, and diverse team environment at our studio, and we are looking for passionate and capable people to join our team of experienced AAA console developers. Our team has created, developed, and contributed to some of the most impactful game franchises of the last 20 years, including Skylanders, Destiny, Uncharted, Rock Band, Tony Hawk, Mario Maker, Team Fortress 2, Donkey Kong Country, and Guitar Hero.

If you have a passion for analyzing data and influencing how we can use this information to improve our game quality and our customers’ experience, we want to hear from you! Your insights will influence game design to drive retention and monetization of our products.


  • Help design, develop, and optimize our games to improve user experience and revenue by developing meaningful KPIs and metrics
  • Coordinate with Creative, Production, Design, Development, and others to define and determine KPI’s, tracking requirements and appropriate research contributions that measures the game’s performance
  • Work with key stakeholders to identify needs and report outputs to clearly answer questions and drive decisions
  • Ensure that any proposed element of our data stack complies with all data privacy policies
  • Develop and maintain standards for dashboards and reporting initiatives, which includes making sure data is visualized appropriately, creating consistent standards, and confirming all data is accurate
  • Work closely with the Engineering to ensure that all backend technologies needed to fulfill the data analytics strategy are communicated clearly and implemented correctly
  • Maintain and constantly improve tools, bring new ideas and use best practices that set industry standards
  • In collaboration with the Development and Production teams, provide data on the in-game economy (inflation rate, bottlenecks, churn rate etc.)
  • Analyze data and provide insights that help to optimize the in-game economy and monetization
  • Develop a deep understanding of user behavior through research
  • Perform statistical data analysis using data querying tools such as SQL, JQL, etc.
  • Ensure regular communication of KPIs to the Live Ops teams, maintain an updated summary of current view for product decision making purposes
  • Work with engineering and QA to consistently monitor and improve data strategy
  • Work across Publishing with external partner teams, sharing KPI-driven reporting and insights
  • Assist external teams with implementing analytics and data capture methods
  • Provide and analyze metrics on the performance of the games’ marketing campaigns to analyze their success


  • 10+ years of applicable game industry experience
  • 5+ years’ experience doing quantitative analysis or similar (manipulation and analysis of large data sets)
  • Deep expertise with visualization and reporting tools using AWS, Tableau, Quicksight, R Markdown or Jupyter Notebook
  • Proven experience with metrics driven decision making
  • Degree in Finance, Statistics, Economics or other related course of study: Technical or quantitative discipline (Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering)

Big Plusses

  • Multiplayer game analytics experience
Velan Studios

Velan Studios is a small team going after multiple, bold creative new ideas. Many of us have done the large, AAA development thing for decades. But we think with a seasoned and scrappy team, we can do things differently – so every member of the team has a creative voice.

Working Better, Together

We are building an environment conducive to delivering our best work. Our office is a community that works and plays together.

  • Unconventionally World Class. We embrace the unexpected. We create breakthrough games by building on our expertise and challenging conventions. We are scrappy: solving problems and inventing new experiences in audacious new ways. These unconventional approaches lead to unexpected discoveries.
  • Stay Curious. Curiosity drives us and our experiences. We find energy in new ideas and approaches. We use technology and design to bring new experiences to the gaming community. We cultivate an environment that encourages experimentation and rigor. We relentlessly pursue the MAGIC.
  • Respect and Responsibility. We are passionate about being an inclusive community of unique individuals. We believe in prioritizing and respecting the player. Our players’ time is valuable and we are honored that they choose to spend part of it with us. We respect the members of our team and know that they will make the right choices with our players in mind at every level.
  • Community of Makers and Players. We are stronger together than the sum of our parts: we value people and perspectives. Community is a way to get things done. We seek to engage our community wherever we can in building great games. It is a springboard for innovation. It is a well of talent and a means to finding new game experiences.

A Great Place to Work and Live

Velan Studios is located in the beautiful Capital Region of Upstate New York, which includes Albany and Troy. The Capital Region is a growing tech & creative hub with a thriving video game development scene. Our offices are located in Troy’s historic downtown, which is comprised of renovated historic buildings full of new energy. The region boasts beautiful architecture, great museums, and amazing history. It’s also a very affordable city, with great events, hip nightlife and is accessible to a variety of outdoor adventures, making it a perfect spot to live.

Featured Game

Team up and duke it out with rival Crews in Knockout City™, where EPIC DODGEBALL BATTLES settle the score in team-based multiplayer matches. Throw, catch, pass, dodge, and tackle your way to dodgeball dominance!

In Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, create your very own course in your home as you watch the Mario Kart come into the real world like never before! Race in different Grand Prix Cups to unlock customization options for your own Custom Race, or play with up to 3 friends as you race for the finish line.

Production & Project Management
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