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August 8, 2020
Full Time
Seattle, WA

very very spaceship is a motley crew of space faring game designers, engineers and artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. For the past three years, under the leadership of BAFTA winning founder Sean Vesce (Never Alone, Tomb Raider Series, Mechwarrior Series), we have been solving the problems of the unknown for incredible partners like Google, Niantic Labs, Microsoft, and others. We are a tight knit group of makers thriving in our undiscovered future, making shared game experiences with AR, VR, Geolocation, Live Streaming and more. In addition to our client work, we develop and release original indie experiments like the recent Knife 2 Meat U, and HotDate available at our itch.io page. We also produce several original web shows including “JenVaughn’s Big DunJen Show” and “Galen Drew’s Galen Draws with your host Galen Drew”streaming at our twitch page. Check out more about us on twitter and youtube.

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Role Description: 3D Character Artist

VVS is looking for a talented 3D Character Artist with an affinity for inspirational hard surface craftsmanship, a master metalsmith whose tools consist of a computer instead of fire and hammer. The main focus of this position is to build complex and appealing mechanical characters for our upcoming game. Not only are you drawn to shiny metal and fiddly gears but you understand the difference between building a cool-looking c haracter and how that cool-looking operates all its moving parts in a game space. An ideal candidate, you understand core art concepts, excel at working with modern 3d art pipelines, and enjoy collaborating in a small team environment.


★ Sculpt and model compelling 3D characters

★ Generate textures with Substance Painter and Photoshop

★ Create convincing and life-like materials

★ Create supporting assets

★ Deliver clean and optimized low polygon models, and efficient UV layouts following project guidelines

★ Problem-solve by thinking creatively, investigate resources and solve daily artistic challenges

★ Work in a collaborative spirit both within the team and with other staff, such asConcept Art, Animation, Rigging, Game Design, etc. to ensure the successful completion and top quality of the game

★ Manage own time and work efficiently within production deadlines


★ Understanding of mechanical assembly and hard surface pipelines

★ Ability to work from specific reference material and adapt a variety of inspirational sources

★ A good sense of anatomy and how to apply those rules to stylized and exaggerated forms

★ Solid knowledge of digital sculpting - in ZBrush or equivalent software

★ Solid knowledge of low-poly modeling and UV mapping - in Maya or equivalent software

★ Excellent texturing skills in Substance Painter/ 3d Coat / Photoshop in a modern shader environment

★ Understanding of the technical constraints in game development and ability to apply them when creating characters

★ Organized and clean workflows while working with complex files

★ Ability to absorb, apply and give constructive feedback

★ Ability to adapt to different artistic styles

★ A passion for games

Qualified candidates are energetic self starters, adept at managing several creative internal projects at once and handling an evolving schedule of events. Candidates are inclusive by nature and naturally motivated to support others to achieve beyond their own expectations.

Qualified candidates can apply by emailing crew@vvspaceship.email with cover letter, resume and samples (if applicable).

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