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Weathered Sweater
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May 10, 2021

Weathered Sweater is a Black-owned interactive media and art studio located in Vermont. We are an award-winning studio that works on a variety of projects across different mediums. Many of our projects fall into the category of games or art for change, but we also work on products for the commercial retail market. 

We are looking for a 2D Artist/Animator to help create and edit animations for Dot’s Home, a short Unity for Humanity-funded point and click adventure game.

This is primarily a character-animation position, but environment and icon animations may be necessary as well. Animations are frame-based and no skeletal animation is used. The original assets were created with ToonBoom Harmony, but new and updated animations do not have to use it.

Game Summary:

Dot’s Home follows a young Black woman living in her grandmother’s Detroit home as she retraces moments in her family’s history where race, place, and home collide to present difficult choices, in the midst of redlining, urban renewal, and gentrification. 

Dot’s Home pushes for policies and introduces organizations working to undo historic patterns of racism and exclusion that have contributed to segregated cities. The creators see Dot’s Home as a tool for advancing tenants rights, rent control policies, racial equity training in housing organizations and more. Dot’s Home is an inspiring example of how the power of games can be leveraged to transform the narratives that shape our culture and society for a more equitable future.

Examples of Art Style:

a young black woman and her grandmother facing each other in a bedroom
a young black woman in a basketball gym with a hope banner displayed behind a stage

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create production-quality 2D animation assets
  • Develop assets that match the established style, remain consistent, and stay on model
  • Deliver assets on time and within budget
  • Working together with the rest of the game team to make sure the product matches internal and external expectations of quality

Requirements and Experience: 

  • Expert working knowledge with frame-based animation in ToonBoom Harmony or similar animation software (original files are in ToonBoom)
  • Experience working with and animating Black and mixed race characters
  • Strong animation fundamentals (timing, impact, key framing, etc)
  • Experience working with small teams to take concept to final in-game art

Nice to haves:

  • Experience with Unity and the Unity animation pipeline
  • Shipped one video game from concept to completion
  • Basic to intermediate understanding of Git and Source Control

Important Details:

  • Duration: 3-4 months
  • Location: Remote*
  • Compensation: Negotiable

*Though remote, we are mainly looking at candidates that can work in Eastern Time (ET).

Additional Information:

We are a Black-owned studio and would like to push for more diversity in the games industry. If you come from a diverse background, please apply!

  • We have a 32 hour work week culture which means most people who work with us do not exceed 32 hours of work per week on average
  • We strive to eliminate crunch and overwork, so professionalism and strong risk management skills are crucial to success

Response Deadline/Application:

Hoping to hire before June 15, 2021, but we are looking for the right candidate.

Due to the volume of applications, we will respond to you within 2 weeks if we wish to move forward with your application.

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