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May 10, 2022

Weathered Sweater is looking for an experienced, part-time Marketing Person (probably a specialist or strategist) to join our team!

The Marketing Person will work alongside our team to develop high-level strategic visions and plans for our studio and our projects. Our aim is to bolster visibility for our released projects (Skator Gator, Dot’s Home, Boatventure), establish communities for our currently in-development projects, and to bring greater brand awareness to our studio as a whole.

We are looking for a creative and highly organized individual with great awareness of the independent games scene and the audiences that come with it.

For your knowledge, our current social media focus is on Twitter, but we are open to exploring other platforms as we find success.

Compensation / Budget: 

We have allocated around $25-35 USD/hr for this position.

We’re not sure how much time will be required, but are expecting 12-16 hours per week. Our goal is to grow this into a larger position at the studio as we achieve our financial and commercial goals.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage our brand and brand image
  • Do extensive market research and communicate market information to our team to help guide studio decisions
  • Brainstorm and help execute ideas to establish brand awareness for our studio/projects
  • Work closely with Community Manager and other team members to increase visibility, engagement, and ultimately sales of our projects
  • Identify marketing opportunities (festivals, events, hashtags, etc) for our studio/projects and assist us with applying or otherwise engaging with these events
  • Help us decide when to run ad campaigns
  • (Potentially) Run various campaigns
  • (Potentially) Tell us if we should make, manage, and/r sell merch


  • At least 1 year of professional experience
  • Previous experience doing marketing or community management work in the games industry
  • Great awareness of the independent games space
  • Ability to demonstrate strong knowledge of marketing principles and practices through your portfolio or previous examples of work on other projects
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Experience creating consumer and media-facing messaging

Nice to Haves:

  • We’re a small team, so some Content Management experience would be nice! For example, additional video/photo editing skills are always helpful!
  • 2+ years of professional experience

Additional Information:

We are a Black-owned studio and would like to push for more diversity in the games industry. If you come from a diverse background, please apply!

  • We have a 32 hour work week culture which means that our team mates do not exceed 32 hours of work per week on average
  • We strive to eliminate crunch and overwork, so professionalism and strong risk management skills are crucial to success. Failing that, a heavy week of work at Weathered Sweater is 40 hours.

Important Details:

  • Location: Though remote, we are mainly looking at candidates that can work in Eastern Time (ET).
  • Response/Application Deadline: Jun 8, 2022

Due to the volume of applications, we will respond to you within 2 weeks of the application deadline if we wish to move forward with your application.

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About Our Games

DOT’S HOME is a single-player game where DOT (Dorothea Hawkins) travels through time to key moments in her family’s history to see how individual decisions — however seemingly inconsequential, let alone right or wrong — have long-lasting collective impact.

SKATOR GATOR was just minding his own business when those greedy capitalist robots started ruining his swamp! I mean they’re draining the peat bog just to make mini golf courses!? Skate across their oil pipelines towards the city to advocate for change and cause some mayhem along the way.

BOATVENTURE is a multimedia story about how families of all kinds shape the person you become. Join Wynona and the Sea Monster Slayers as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, friendship, trauma, and most importantly: boats.

You can view more of our work at and

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