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This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit. Click here to view more Kickstart placement opportunities.

June 10, 2021
Full Time
Manchester, UK
£24K per year

White Paper Games is a video game development studio based in Manchester UK and we’re looking for a Programmer to join the team!

We value independent thinking & the ability to review creative ideas from an unbiased perspective.We have an idea meritocracy so the best creative ideas are selected in discussion regardless of seniority or role. You must be able to communicate and push for your ideas when you believe in a perspective. Inevitably your idea may not be selected, and when that situation arises, you must be able to disagree and commit to working with the larger team to realise the vision of the project.

We don’t micromanage and we don’t have producers on the team. We have a weekly Monday morning check-in and work in 6-week goal setting cycles. This means that you must be self driven with completing your work. Although we set company wide cyclical goals to hit, we aim to create an environment where the majority of your objectives are self directed which allows you to align to the team’s direction in the most creative way you see fit.

We’re a visually technical and narrative driven studio. We have a high-level world and story development process that doesn’t necessarily always start at the mechanical level. This means that we rely on iteration and ideas from the whole team to communicate our stories. Our goal is to focus on tone, pacing and atmosphere before defining a mechanical loop. Mechanical design is a key role in telling our stories, but mechanics should support the delivery rather than dictate the direction.

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A White Paper Programmer

You will be required to work on a wide variety of tasks to create content and mechanics for a single-player 3D game in the Unreal Engine. For this you will be expected to utilise a combination ofUnreal Engine blueprint script and C++ in visual studio.

In such a small team communication is crucial, as a team member you may be called upon to provide feedback on other peoples work, and will be expected to be open to receiving it on your own.

We encourage team members to bring their interests and passions into their work, an openness to taking on responsibilities outside of a single skillset is encouraged. Whilst planning and task delegation is important within a team, it’s also vital that applicants are able to self-analyse and critique, to establish priorities for their own work.

Skills Required:

  • Skilled in C++
  • Versed in Unreal Engine, with blueprint
  • Game development experience, preferably having worked on independent titles either in an extra-curricular or professional context
  • Independent mindset with ability to assess work critically and self-prioritise
  • Communicative and open to critique and contribution to discussion
  • Good understanding of mathematics, trigonometry, algebra, understanding of how to utilise matrices
  • Interest in developing for games consoles and working with the APIs necessary to release products on multiple platforms


  • Understanding of AI concepts and working methodologies
  • Experience utilising UMG
  • Experience creating tools to be used by non-programmers
  • Experience releasing for console and working with platform APIs


We look for smart, humble, driven and collaborative people.

You should have the clarity to communicate your vision and bring energy to work each day to help the team around you thrive.

Managing your own tasks and internalising priorities are key to our studio’s approach to development. No one will be micromanaging your time.

The desire to constantly improve is built into the team’s culture and we try to push ourselves with each task to make sure we focus on execution. It’s OK to fall short of a goal as long as the correct vision is in place.

The Numbers

  • Full-time £24K per year
  • Working in Manchester, M3 6AF
  • 3 month probationary period
  • Up to 5%-match company pension contribution
  • £40 expense p/m for health related activities
  • A monitored uncapped holiday allowance
  • A 2 week studio closure at Christmas
  • Note: We keep normal business hours on public holidays

We put a lot of time and energy into our team and want to select the best for team fit rather than scaling unintentionally. We want you to see WPG as a long term role instead of a career jump so if you’re looking to join a team and be committed to our team’s mission, then we’d love you to come work with us.

Our Games

Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View is a gripping observational thriller set in 1950s England. When 8-year-old Charlotte May is reported missing from Dahlia View, retired detective Robert Conway searches for the truth behind her disappearance, observing his neighbours from his apartment window and questioning their behaviour.

As suspicions escalate, Conway launches his own investigation into Charlotte May’s disappearance, following leads, uncovering new evidence and piecing the case together on an unpredictable path to the truth.

The Occupation is a first-person, fixed-time, investigative thriller set in north west England on 24th October 1987. You play as a journalist in a detailed, systems-driven world where people react to your actions and time is your biggest enemy.

It's a time of 80's British pop, grand architecture and political unrest. An explosion has triggered a controversial act which threatens to erode civil liberties of the population to be rushed into place. You are tasked with investigating and questioning people on their actions from a tumultuous night which resulted in the loss of many lives. Each person has a different account of the night's event and you must use the tools at your disposal to get the results you need for your investigation.

Ether One™ is a first person adventure that deals with the fragility of the human mind. There are two paths in the world you can choose from. At its core is a story exploration path free from puzzles where you can unfold the story at your own pace. There is also a deeper, more adventurous path in which you can complete complex puzzles to restore life changing events of the patient's history in order to help the validation of their life.

The choice is left to you.

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