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December 2, 2022
$3-4k USD per month

Hi! I’m Andrés, founder of Wimbo – an app that teaches music through games. Our mission is to allow anyone with a phone or tablet to learn and create music, with or without a musical instrument. 


Play Wimbo


The Opportunity

I am seeking a talented game developer that can work with me to create these games. The people who do the artwork, animation and audio are hired only on a per-feature basis, so the team is basically just me and you. For now. While you’re programming, I’ll be focused on everything else (marketing, fundraising, all the boring administrative stuff and anything else we might need).


What You’ll Get To Do

  • Build prototypes using Unity to quickly test gameplay and design
  • Develop different game mechanics for the various mini-games
  • Update the app on the Play Store and App Store


Skills We’re Looking For

  • 3+ years of experience in Unity
  • Proficiency in C#
  • Excellent debugging and profiling skills
  • Code that is easy to understand


Bonus Skills For Extra Points

  • You have shipped 3+ mobile games
  • Computer science or related degree
  • Experience with audio or MIDI related programming
  • You play a musical instrument
  • Experience in educational games would be amazing
  • You speak fluent Spanish


Flexibility and Communication

You will work from wherever you want with flexible hours. We have short (15min) daily meetings (via Zoom or Meet) at the start of each day to discuss what we worked on yesterday, what we’re working on today and if we had any impediments where hopefully we can help each other.

We will communicate mainly over Slack and use Jira for task management. 

While I’m very flexible with hours and days off, I’ve found that it is way more efficient to work in similar hours (my main hours are 10am-7pm CST), since we can communicate and help each other out a lot quicker. I wouldn’t want someone who starts work whenever I’m already finished for the day.


Important Details

  • The start date is ASAP
  • This is a full-time contract (40 hours a week)
  • The length of the contract is 3 months with the hope to extend from there


Our Working Style

We’re a startup, not a game dev company. This makes our working style completely different. We don’t wait for months to make a big release. We’re launching and updating every week or two, making as many experiments as possible and constantly talking to our users for feedback. This means every update we release will not be perfect and polished. It also means coding for speed, not scaling. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to work like this. Only apply if you’re up for it.



I'm based in Mexico and know first-hand that salaries can be quite different from country to country. My budget for this role is $3-4k USD a month. I know in Mexico that's an awesome salary for a game dev, but in some parts of the US it might be ludicrous. Hopefully, if you're reading this and excited about the opportunity, it's closer to awesome for you. I'd also be open to compliment the salary with an offer of revenue share or equity.


How To Apply

Send me an email with your résumé. If I think it might be a good fit, I’ll send you a Calendly link so we can meet and chat via Zoom. After reviewing options, if all goes well, we’ll have another meeting to discuss the offer and clear up anything we haven’t covered. 

I’ll be asking myself 2 main questions to decide: 

  1. Does this person possess the necessary technical abilities to work or learn fast?
  2. Do I see myself working with this person for the next few years? 

Our mission is to allow anyone with a phone or tablet to learn and create music, with or without a musical instrument.

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