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August 25, 2020
$250/US per day

We are looking for a freelance Project Manager for our Developer Relations. Your mission is to manage WINGS relations with developers and support them in their quest for success. In particular you ensure that the games pitch process runs smoothly and you follow the development of the games signed by WINGS, making sure the developers receive the support they need.

Core responsibilities:

  • Make sure developers receive support from WINGS in the most efficient way
  • Manage game pitch flow in and out (coordinate with WINGS scouts, communicate with applying developers, check pitch content, present it for the board to review, follow up with developers, and follow up signing process)
  • Support signed developers along the development (organize “Expert reviews” on developers request, connect the developers to our business network, inform them of opportunities, etc).
  • Monitor signed games development and fulfilment of contract obligations
  • Coordinate internally to support the games milestones (with communication team to relay developers announcements, with finance and legal teams for payments….)
  • Gather resources for signed developers & our extended developer network (most interesting articles, experts network, lists of recommended providers, blog posts gathering data and advice, etc)
  • Maintain a clear dashboard of the status of the games and database of developers.
  • Connect with developers and source games through online research or during events
  • Follow up and coordinate with WINGS Scouts

Stretch responsibilities:

  • Conduct market analysis for the developers and the board 
  • Participate in animating WINGS developers community (Discord)
  • Contribute to WINGS communication plan in particular for developer outreach.

You will work with Audrey Leprince who manages developers relations, board and scouting, and coordinate with Petter Henriksson who manages business relations and Alice on the operations side.

Qualities required

  • Positive communication, approachability
  • Organized, synthetic, good at following different projects in parallel
  • Able to understand the perspective of someone from a marginalized group
  • Able to thrive in a startup, remote working environment
  • Passion for the industry, the games and its people, with a will to change
  • Need to be able to express yourself clearly in English
  • Bring diversity to our organization
  • Enough technical ability to run game prototypes

Experience preferred

  • Experience with game production and publishing 
  • Experience managing creative teams and providing feedback
  • Having shipped and published games is a plus
  • Producer, Third Party Producer, Developer Relations experience are a plus.

Dates and format

  • Mission 6 months from October 2020 to February 2021 to start with
  • 3 days a week (flexible)
  • Remote work
  • From anywhere in the world that shares work hours with Central Europe
  • Remuneration 250US$ / day - modulable according to experience.

You’re interested? Send a resume and a short note about your motivation to, and include your pronoun in the mail. We’ll be in touch.

Applications until September 11th. Looking forward to hear from you!

About WINGS Interactive

WINGS Interactive is a for-profit investment company that funds games by diverse teams, starting with games with women and marginalized gender developers at key positions. The aim of WINGS is to make gaming more diverse and inclusive by enabling the creation of games from different perspectives.

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