Character Concept Artist

Wolfpack Games
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July 13, 2022
Full Time

Wolfpack Games Studio is looking for a Character Concept Artist (Full time or Contract) to work remotely/anywhere.

Job Description:

  • Collaborate with the project team to brainstorm and interpret the character design brief.
  • Research relevant project materials to aid with the design process.
  • Design and present character design concepts to the team; create detailed concept designs in a variety of mediums pertaining to the brief including 2D drawings or 3D renders.
  • Mainly design and develop characters, but may also help with developing environments, props, and other assets for the game.
  • Manage project timelines and schedules and report issues to the team.
  • Work closely with the narrative team to produce unique characters.
  • Provide guidance to the marketing team relating to how to present different characters on socials, and other marketing plans and campaigns.

Job Requirements:

  • Over 2 years' experience in game concept art (especially character design), with experience in developing an art style for a game project from zero to one.
  • Solid art skills with excellence in drawing and color perception and application.
  • Excellence in communication, analysis, problem solving and project implementation.
  • Strong self-drive, capacity for execution, key problem solving, and management.
  • Native English or Chinese speaker
  • This is a remote role

Final Notes:

When submitting your application, be sure to include an attachment or link to your portfolio.

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