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October 22, 2020
Full Time

We are looking for an Art Director to be the final piece of the puzzle for our new game studio. You'll play a unique role in the initial game team and will be responsible for setting the look, feel and style of games and characters to come. You should be able to produce high quality 2D or 3D content on your own but also manage outsourcing to expand our art production.

We're not only looking for an experienced art director for our team, but a great person to become a core part of why and how we do things. You should love games but also believe in the transformative power of media, storytelling and greater-than-life digital experiences. You should be a supporting team player that looks for the success of the team rather than furthering your personal goals.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Create finished high-quality art and assets for our games
  • Create multilayered, distinctive and lovable characters with soul and personality that kids will remember for years to come
  • Manage, outsource and quality control content from external partners
  • Help in recruiting the future top art talent to studio
  • Help the team and the final product succeed, also outside of the art

What we wish to see from candidates:

  • Experience in creating and delivering in-game art to a launched game
  • Experience in working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, being able to understand the role of design and code
  • Great communication skills and the ability to talk to artists, developers and users equally
  • Experience working with outsourcing of art assets

Benefits of working with us:

  • Fast-growing organization with secured long-term funding
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Support for personal development and learning
  • Interesting technological challenges within impact technology and gaming
  • Chance to make a lasting positive impact in the world
  • Last but not least, you will grow a lot here! You’ll be surrounded by people with deep experience in their fields and who have a strong passion for making great games and impact.


Apply by sending your CV/LinkedIn together with a short intro to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We accept applications until we’ve found our perfect match.

a landscape at the edge of the world

Who we are:

As a unique hybrid of a foundation and a game studio, backed by Supercell entrepreneurs and built by game developers, engineers and social scientists, Wondershop is committed to giving back to non-profit communities that advance social equity and inclusion among kids and youth.

We believe that everyone deserves an equal start in life, and that technology and games, when guided by social sciences, can help level the playing field. At best games are much more than just entertainment: they are adventures, educational experiences and springboards for friendships that transcend physical and societal boundaries. The sense of meaning, belonging and achievement unique to games is something any child can benefit from.

We’re developing a new kind of community game that brings the magic found in the digital realm into the real world. Our long-term vision is to scale our impact globally – to communities built and managed by us as well as, for example, schools, sports teams or even entire cities. Our aim is to create lasting, positive impact among kids, youth and families. And we don’t want these to just be ceremonial words, which is why we always measure the impact created by our projects. Being able to understand the impact that our games have on kids is as crucial as creating a game that kids will love.

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