Unity Engineer (VR/AR)

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January 13, 2022
Full Time
United States

Join the core team of Wooorld and help us build the future of online social interactions. As a core team member, you will have full ownership and influence over this vision.

Since we are a fully remote company, you thrive in a remote collaborative environment, can quickly integrate feedback into your own vision of the product and work closely with designers and engineers to refine our overall vision. You are proactive in prioritizing tasks, communicating with your teammates and identifying ways to improve the UX. Our initial target milestone is the Oculus Quest Store launch.


  • Build and modify core features and mechanics such as 3D UI, user generated content management, controller and hand gestures and rendering
  • Profile and optimize 3D experiences that will be performant on stand-alone VR HMDs such as Oculus Quest
  • Take full ownership of designing, implementing, running, and maintaining production code on core Wooorld features, end to end
  • Proactively prioritize and implement new features based on Wooorld product roadmap and user feedback
  • Perform load testing, participate in code reviews, write unit tests, and conduct troubleshooting to ensure uptime for live systems
  • Prototype and build with the latest VR/AR hardware (Oculus Quest, PCVR, Mobile AR, HoloLens 2)​

Minimum Qualifications​

  • 3+ years of experience developing and shipping experiences / apps / games in Unity
  • Fluency in networking and multiplayer concepts
  • Experience with VR/AR development and relevant SDK's
  • Strong C# knowledge and debugging ability
  • Experience with rendering, memory and performance optimization
  • Strong desire to be part of the founding engineering team building technology that has a direct path to building the future of online social interaction
  • Skilled in finding creative solutions to a broad range of technical challenges on a daily basis
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience​

*You must have a pre-existing US citizenship or permanent residency.

Preferred Qualifications​

  • Experience with Oculus SDK / SteamVR
  • Experience with Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK)
  • Experience with ARKit / ARCore / AR Foundation
  • Experience with Normcore
  • Startup experience


  • Competitive Salary
  • Equity
  • Health Benefits
  • Paid time off / sick leave

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About Wooorld

Wooorld is a groundbreaking new way to connect and explore the world with anyone in VR & AR.

We believe it's time for online social interaction to graduate from 2D screens into the real world. Wooorld aims to create a new form of immersive social platform by leveraging VR and AR. It begins right now with the idea of exploring the world with anyone in VR. And as AR becomes a part of our daily lives in the future, Wooorld will bridge the real and virtual worlds as a ubiquitous platform of creative expression and social connection.

Programming & Development
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