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This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit. Click here to view more Kickstart placement opportunities.

June 24, 2021
Full Time

We’re looking for a motivated and detail-orientated individual driven to elevate creative teams in a diverse and collaborative setting. An ideal candidate will empower project teams to create best-in-class story-driven experiences within a culture of innovation.

Successful candidates will join a growing Winnipeg-based team while also having opportunities to collaborate with project-specific talents from across North America.

Role and Responsibilities:

You will be working as part of ZenFri’s award-winning creative team, managing and overseeing highly innovative interactive experiences. Working directly with the project leads, you will coordinate tasks, manage timelines, help with project pitches and assist on various crucial administrative duties related to multiple projects.

  • Work in tight collaboration with team leads to manage each project’s day-to-day operations
  • Ensure fluid team collaboration while providing your insights, feedback and ideas
  • Coordinate teams to execute development objectives at a high-quality standard while working within provided time and budget restraints
  • Demonstrate an exceptional level of anticipation and proactiveness
  • Coordinate, record and conduct meetings, ensuring smooth communication within the team
  • Track and communicate all scheduled tasks
  • Manage client and platform and partner relations, as needed
  • Participate in testing and provide feedback for gameplay improvements

An Ideal Candidate:

  • Relevant education in film, television, interactive entertainment or appropriate project management experience
  • Knowledge of Scrum and Agile development environments
  • Strong organizational and communication skills, including written and verbal
  • Have a keen sense of how to blend storytelling with engaging visuals
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a team and independently as required in an agile environment
  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills including demonstrated ability to use lateral thinking, while also knowing when to ask for help from other team members
  • Passion for games and interactive experiences that visually wow and inspire

Strong Assets:

  • Interest or experience in VR and AR
  • Experience working with Museums or Post-Secondary institutions

Preference is given to candidates with experience working on team-driven interactive projects or AR/VR products.

We invite all interested and qualified candidates to send examples of their previous projects with a resume and cover letter in PDF format addressed to Dee King at info[at]

Please submit by August 11th, 2021

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About ZenFri

ZenFri Inc. is an award-winning creative arts company with a deep passion for pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Working across an array of mediums including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), interactive narratives, film, literature and visual art, we fearlessly go wherever the story takes us. Using our unique style and visionary leadership, we drive teams of artists and innovators to craft best-in-class experiences for audiences around the world.

Currently, our main focus is on a narrative-driven Virtual Reality game titled “The Last Taxi”.

About The Last Taxi

The Last Taxi is a narrative-drive experience set in Progress Point, a politically and economically-divided sprawling metropolis that has fully embraced automation and human modification, creating a satirical and somberly-surreal vision of the future.

As the last human driver, you’ll meet a diverse cast of passengers, each with their own tailored conversations. Be drawn into morally challenging decisions that lead you into the heart of a dying society.

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