Houdini to UE4 Technical Artist

Zirnworks LLC
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June 3, 2022

Zirnworks is looking for a tech artist who understands the Houdini-to-UE4 pipeline, able to create a variety of assets in the form of HDAs and to hook into them using blueprints in UE4. While some VFX may be involved, we are primarily looking for SOP-heavy assets. This is for a Mariokart-meets-Splatoon Karting racer project. To find out more about our game, feel free to look here. Remote position.


  • Working in SOPs and writing tools and/or assisting with us creating:
    • Tensile Architecture Shapes
    • Spider Web Splines
    • Simple Fractal Shapes
    • Domes
    • Racetracks
    • Railings
    • And more
  • Working closely with our art director to help us realize our creative vision of bringing the kind of art you see on this page to games.
  • Properly document, comment, and refactor HDA assets and VEX, if used, in a way that is self-commenting.
  • Communicate promptly and regularly with us so we can keep the project moving.
  • Use a SCM properly with our team. If you are not familiar with Source Control, (Plastic SCM) we will teach you.
  • If you touch the code base, you must follow UE4/5 style guides.


  • Must have extensive experience with Houdini. 5+ years of experience is ideal, but not a requirement.
  • Must be very familiar with the Houdini to Unreal Engine 4 workflow.
  • Experience working with point clouds in Houdini and LIDAR Point Cloud objects in UE4.
  • Experience with Niagara Engine in UE4.
  • Experience working with and rendering splines in UE4, either with the built in splines, HDA splines, or other solutions.


We believe in fair compensation for good work and do not expect or promote crunch culture or "working for exposure or revenue share" in lieu of adequate payment. Your creative voice will be heard as you will be essential for helping to make the game technologically possible.

How to Apply

Send your portfolio to Stevenson Streeper. Or join our Discord and ask around.

About Us

Zirnworks is the design and concept studio of Kirsten Zirngibl. We are a game design and concept art studio focused on exploring alternate worlds that expand the reach and understanding of the human experience through play and exploration.

About Chroma Circuit

What if you could change the track you race on in real-time? Paint the track as you race around it. Then, gain a speed boost from driving over your own color later on! Race in a far future Earth crafted by renowned artist Kirsten Zirngibl where nanobots have overrun the planet with colorful structures, and explore the hidden secrets and sub-surface lore of the Infinite City.

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