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Team Project Lunch
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February 28, 2024
Full Time
SGT ±4 hrs

Team Project Lunch  is looking for Unity Developers for our new project. Unity Developers will be in charge of working with the game director and designers to develop new features and enhance existing ones. 


What are we doing:

“Common Wealth” (working title) is a narrative game for PC and consoles that combines “Papers Please”-like gameplay with light city building elements. Simultaneously a document checking puzzle game, and a retrospective look at the roots of Southeast Asia’s cultural identity, the game will seek to explore the hard decisions that shape the future of a nation. Carefully crafted 2D art and character designs bring to life a story that serves as a reflective surface for the player’s own values, beliefs, and dreams of building a home worth sacrificing for. You can try the demo (for PC) here, and visit the Steam page!


Who we are interested in working with:

We are seeking someone who is excited about working on a novel game concept, and developing fresh solutions to the engineering challenges that are part of such an endeavor. This entails workshopping ideas alongside the design team, having a good grasp of the project goals and aspirations, and being comfortable with refining and reiterating solutions to achieve positive outcomes. Adaptability and good communication skills will go a long way to building a fun, healthy, and collaborative environment.



  • Implement new gameplay features, mechanics, and UI systems
  • Write clean, memory-efficient, and well documented code
  • Divide up tasks alongside other programmers based on relevant experience, expertise and interest.
  • Collaborate with the art and design teams to realize a shared vision of the game



  • Excellent Unity and C# skills
  • Ability to remain organized and work reliably in a remote setting with limited oversight
  • Good understanding of Indie Game Development Process
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to debug complex issues
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (English)
  • Able to work around SGT timezone ±4 hrs 


Would Be Nice:

  • A passion for Indie Games like Papers Please, Strange Horticulture
  • Familiarity with Southeast Asian cultures
  • Experience working with a small team
  • Thinks goofy looking anthropomorphic animals are simply delightful
Team Project Lunch

We are Team Project Lunch, a home grown development team in Singapore. We are looking to explore new territory with our latest project – “Common Wealth” –; and aim to foster a team dynamic that promotes experimental attitudes in line with clear goals, develop projects that are unique and distinct, as well as encourage deep engagement with complex issues like culture, identity, and the provenance of chicken rice.

Featured Game

Peek into Southeast Asian politics through a lens darkly in Common Wealth. Check ownership for authenticity, listen to stories, decide who should give up their land in the name of PROGRESS!

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