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Atopia Space
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February 12, 2024
Full Time
CET ± 3 Hours

Atopia is the metaverse that blends arts, culture, and gaming, allowing users worldwide to dive into unique, interactive, and immersive experiences that can be enjoyed alone or with others. These experiences, crafted by the world's renowned cultural institutions using UGC tools, facilitate meaningful engagement and connection, whether in VR or from their desktops. Based in Munich, Germany, and supported by FOV Ventures and Heartfelt\_ (formerly “APX”), Atopia redefines cultural access, making it universally available anywhere.

As a Unity Developer, you'll be instrumental in developing Atopia, a platform that democratises access to cultural experiences and redefines engagement through interactivity and gamification. Your work will directly contribute to a world where cultural heritage and arts are intertwined with cutting-edge technology, accessible to everyone, everywhere.



  • Develop core functionalities for Atopia, emphasising fully interactive, multiplayer experiences across VR (including Vision Pro) and web platforms.
  • Build online builder tools to empower cultural institutions to create custom, immersive content.
  • Develop gamified cultural experiences with advanced AI, integrating Large Language Models and custom intent recognition to enhance interaction and engagement, offering unique challenges and opportunities for innovation.
  • Ensure cross-platform compatibility and cross-play functionalities, making cultural experiences accessible on various devices.
  • Collaborate with a small global team to push the boundaries of what's possible in blending arts, culture, and technology.



  • Profound C# and multithreading knowledge and their applications to Unity’s ecosystem and experience leveraging industry-standard CPU and GPU profiling tools.
  • Solid experience in either VR/AR, gameplay, rendering or AI development. Some exposure to modern back-end development and cloud services integration is a plus.
  • A passion for creating interactive, immersive experiences with a startup mentality and a drive for innovation.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced, evolving tech landscape, with no specific educational requirements but a focus on skills and project accomplishments.



  • Benefit from the flexibility of remote work as part of a tight-knit, globally distributed team driven by passion for cultural innovation. Your contributions and ideas are valued in this dynamic environment, directly influencing our collaborative and innovative processes.
  • Dive into pioneering projects at the crossroads of arts, culture, and technology, creating unique, immersive experiences with leading cultural institutions.
  • Work on cutting-edge initiatives involving Large Language Models (LLMs) and bespoke intent recognition frameworks, offering unique challenges and innovation avenues.


How to Apply:

We're looking for someone ready to make a significant impact, not just on our platform but on the culture and vision of Atopia itself. We're eager to see what you've built and achieved. To apply, please submit a link to your portfolio or GitHub profile and a brief overview of your most significant accomplishments. We value creativity and innovation, so show us projects demonstrating your skills and passion for interactive or immersive experiences.

Atopia Space

Atopia is the truly beautiful, value-driven metaverse for the arts. We make all your favourite museums, galleries, concert houses, operas and theatres immersively accessible for you on our platform– in VR or from your desktop. Socially, interactive and responsibly.

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