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February 20, 2024
UTC-6 to UTC+1
15 USD/hour

DP Games is a small team of three people developing the prototype for its next game after Summertime Madness. This time we are working on a very different title, an RPG, and are in the pre-production stages where we are working on laying the groundwork for a larger project.

(The full game deck will be sent to selected applicants.)

The goal is to be able to effectively prototype the core loop of the game in order to close a vertical slice that will be the basis for the entire project.


The role and skills

We are looking for a Unity programmer will join our team for this initial phase and who has the following skills :

  • C# programming experience in Unity, minimum 3 years, preferably 5+;
  • Experience creating and managing a database related to RPG character statistics;
  • Familiarity with UI implementation (not at the "design" level clearly);
  • Time zone between UTC-6 and UTC+1;
  • Excellent knowledge of English and extremely communicative (although we know you programmers are all code and no talk :D )

As in any typical RPG, we need someone to figure out how to manage the characters, instantiate them, keep an eye on the various parameters and statistics, and make sure that there is a proper system in place to keep an eye on this data.

Having the ability to also be able to be able to do that by creating small, smart tools for the Unity editor would be a big plus.


Schedules and salary

For this initial part, the work required is not much, and will be slowly and gradually increased as the work progresses. For this initial phase therefore, it is required,

  • 10/12 hours per week,
  • 1 meeting per week,

The selected candidate is given complete freedom in how and when to perform the required hours within the week, as long as he or she meets the required total. The initial contract provides for a pay of 15 USD/hour, possibly increasing as tasks and hours required grow going further.



If you are interested, please email your resume with the subject line "Unity Programmer". Please attach :

  • A (short) cover letter, (3-4 lines will suffice),
  • A CV/Portfolio or link to your professional website,

As described, only candidates with previous experience in the area of RPG management will be evaluated, so in case your profile does not demonstrate skills in this regard, we may not consider your application.


Interview process

Video call with game director Davide Pellino (-15 min)

The start of work will be as soon as possible, so a maximum selection timeline of 2-3 weeks is expected.

DP Games
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