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Jim Gray Productions
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June 1, 2024
Pacific Time

We seek a passionate Character Animator to capture and draw out the emotion of our characters. Our game, “Escape from Hadrian's Wall”, is a VR Escape Room featuring:

  • Historical Setting: The year is 402 AD, in the final years of the Roman Empire in Britannia. The player is a hero of circumstance - a prisoner in a Roman fort on Hadrian’s wall, caught up in an epic battle between good and evil.
  • Medieval Fantasy: The game draws inspiration from ancient magic, ancient religion, and Roman technology.
  • Intellectual puzzles: The gameplay is a puzzle-solver's dream, combining elements of classic escape rooms with fantasy-themed card puzzles.


Our team is led by AAA game veterans. So, despite the fact that we're developing for VR, we are striving for AAA quality. Our characters are being rigged in Maya, so you must be comfortable animating in Maya.

Your first assignment is to animate a scene between two human characters. The scene has 12 voice lines, and includes walking, running, and other actions. Follow-on assignments may include additional human characters and creatures.



  • Attention to detail in both full-body (conversational gestures, locomotion, etc) and facial animation (conversational reactions, lip sync, etc)
    • Ability to evoke character emotions
    • Good sense of human motion and behaviors
    • Ability to achieve semi-realistic character animations (not too close to the uncanny valley, and not too cartoony), including hair, clothing, and accessories.
  • Proficiency with animating in Maya, including:
    • Ability to work iteratively and non-destructively with Animation Layers.
    • Experience in working with VR-optimized, joint-based rigs.
    • Experience in dynamic joints for secondary motion is a plus.
  • Team player - ability to work collaboratively, and to receive and adapt to feedback.
  • Passion for games, especially VR games on Meta Quest and/or Steam VR.



  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine
  • Familiarity with various types of skeletal systems: biped, quadruped, bend/twist, snakelike.


To Apply:

Please send an email with your resume and portfolio.

Jim Gray Productions

Multigenerational gaming is all about crossing generational gaps via a shared love of games. Jim Gray grew up playing games with his parents and grandparents, and continues playing with his kids and grandkids.

After 20 years of video game industry experience, including work on huge AAA titles at Lucasfilm and Activision, Jim founded Jim Gray Productions with the goal of creating games that bring generations of gamers together.

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