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Lunacy Studios
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April 24, 2024
Full Time

We are an indie game studio whose team is united by a shared passion for personal storytelling. Our current project is a narrative-driven 3D puzzle adventure game set in the Islamic Golden Age, which explores themes of grief and loss. We are seeking a Lead Programmer to join us in our journey.


A Note on the Kind of Person We're Looking For

At our studio, we prioritize creating an inclusive and empathetic approach to game development. We are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, as well as a small team where everyone wears multiple hats, and we value creating a positive and enjoyable working environment for all team members. As our Lead Programmer, we need someone who is excited about and embraces this empathetic approach.


The Role

As the Lead Programmer on our small team, you will be the primary technical stakeholder. This is a multi-faceted position which balances department ownership and collaboration with other leads; architecture; hands-on gameplay programming; and technical support.

You must be a team player with excellent communication and leadership skills, technical know-how, and a passion for our subjects.



  • Plan the technical roadmap of the game and define and execute its technical vision (including gameplay, infrastructure, 3rd party software, etc.)
  • Provide technical oversight to a capable set of partner team members.
  • Ensure that gameplay, core engine, tools, technical art, and platform goals are clearly defined and met.
  • Evaluate third-party technology and tools. Author documentation, set and communicate best practices and technical constraints of the engine and tools.



  • Unreal Engine 5 expertise
  • Experience in gameplay and animation programming
  • Experience with narrative-heavy, fully voiced 3D titles



  • End to end leadership experience on a similar project
  • Experience with 3rd party software such as Perforce (VCS), Articy (Narrative), Wwise (Audio)



  • Beginning ASAP
  • Fully remote with a distributed team based between the US West and East Coasts, Europe, and the Middle East



  • Please email us with your resume and work samples.
Lunacy Studios

We are designers, artists, storytellers, filmmakers, and musicians at the top of our fields who came to Lunacy Studios as a labor of love. Our members have forgone big studio projects out of a passion for creating culturally meaningful and emotional experiences. While we are from various backgrounds, we are brought together by a shared Arab heritage or an appreciation for Arab culture.


Our Story

The team behind Lunacy Studios is comprised of like-minded individuals with a shared hunger for telling deeper, more meaningful stories.

Our founder, Faris Attieh, is Saudi-Palestinian with a professional background in engineering. Although he carried a lifelong passion for gaming, it wasn't until he had his own story to tell that the idea for Lunacy Studios was born. A studio dedicated to translating real emotions and human experiences into a world we create.

However, Faris was a far distance from the gaming industry. Many called him a lunatic for chasing this seemingly unattainable dream. But as the Arabic saying goes, "maybe the moon is more beautiful because it's far." And so, Faris assembled a dedicated team of highly experienced game developers, game industry experts, and multimedia creatives to build the meaningful vision for Lunacy Studios he had dreamed of once upon a time.


Our Mission

At Lunacy Studios, we have a unified belief in the power of storytelling. Predominantly, we believe in voices that have yet to be heard and culturally accurate art that has yet to be seen. We believe that personal narratives lead to more emotionally rich experiences. Our team is made up of highly talented people from diverse backgrounds who account for and allow multiple perspectives to shine through the world of video games.

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