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November 21, 2023
PST to EST timezones

We are seeking a contract Mobile Game UI Artist to join us in a remote contract role from now until March 2024.

You’re a skilled visual artist with a pixel perfect attention to detail and the technical ability to execute. We’re looking for someone to work closely with our lead designer to transform prototype UI and wireframes into final, polished components that are ready to go in game. you’ll be working on a high quality, polished mobile game in the romance genre.


Ideal Candidate

  • Experience with UI art implementation in Unity or equivalent game engine, ideally in mobile game.
  • Skilled with Figma and the Adobe Suite.
  • High-caliber portfolio showcasing visual design stylistic adaptability, taste, and polish.
  • The ability to pixel perfect screens and components at a high quality bar with minimal oversight.
  • Able to expand and improve upon existing design systems.
  • Good at communicating and asking questions, both on the technical and personal level. Great team members are skilled and a pleasure to work with.
  • A gamer at heart, however you define that. As long as you love playing and want to help other people play, you'll be a great fit.
  • Anywhere in a timezone between PST-EST.


How to Apply

Please send us an email with your portfolio of work. Applications without portfolios will not be accepted.

One More Multiverse

At One More Multiverse we're making the next generation of tabletop RPGs. We are a group of passionate game devs, engineers, designers, storytellers, and artists. Our goal is not only to build a totally new kind of platform, but also a new kind of game company.

We want to be good people that make great games. That means walking that tough line of holding ourselves accountable and pushing ourselves, without burning out. We build our culture to be a place where we want to work. We will continue to build a diverse team, and give them incredible opportunities, room to grow, and strong support.


The Vision

As a team we have two main goals:

1) Grow the number of people who play tabletop RPGs

We think tabletop roleplaying games can be one of the most fun things in the world, but they can be so hard to get into and maintain. We want to make things easier by turning them from something you play in your head to something you play like a video game, online and with your friends. We think 10x more people could be playing tabletop games if only they had a few more modern conveniences.

2) Enable people to make a living making tabletop games

That said, there's no end to the creativity and imagination of people who make tabletop games and content. We think that if we 10x the number of people playing ttrpgs, creators should be the first to benefit.

Multiverse is built from day-one to have a marketplace where creators can make and sell games, characters, art, stories and more. We want people to be earning a living making content on Multiverse.


Our Culture

Our goal is not only to build a totally new kind of platform, but also a new kind of game company. We're fortunate to be well-funded and backed by some of the best investors in the industry, who have funded (or founded!) companies like Twitch, TSM, Oculus and PubG. We will continue to build a diverse team, and give them incredible opportunities, room to grow, and strong support. We want to be the best job any of us have ever had. That means:

  • We're fully remote! Most of our team is based in the US, and split between PST and EST time zones, we're looking for someone close to those timezones, but other than that you can be anywhere!
  • Diversity & inclusion is a core part of our mission & you'll see that reflected in our team.
  • We don't believe in crunch. We set ambitious goals but always leave ourselves wiggle room. We believe in making space for vulnerability and taking care of the team first.
  • We make time to get to know each other & play games together.
  • Our benefits are comprehensive & really strong.
  • Compensation will be competitive.

Read more about our values here: Good People that make Great Games

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