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January 18, 2023
United States
$750 - $1,500 per asset

Do you have a passion for bringing gorgeous 2D landscapes to life? Is Unity’s particle system near and dear to your heart? Do you obsess about the subtle differences between firebolt and fireball animations? We’re hiring a Freelance Visual Effects Artist, and you might be just the person we’re looking for! 

As the Freelance VFX Artist, you’ll be responsible for creating a series of animated 2D environments, as well as a wide arsenal of combat VFX, for Fablecraft: a digital, turned-based tabletop roleplaying game. You’ll be working closely alongside a small team of Senior Unity Developers, helping us towards our Closed Beta launch on Steam this summer. As a member of Riftweaver’s front-end development team, you’ll report directly to the CEO. Come and join a group of talented, passionate, creative people at a very exciting time in our Studio’s journey!


The Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate has strong technical chops and an eye for detail. We’re looking for someone with a passion for storytelling through VFX, who can bring depth and movement to a flat image and help the sparks fly in combat! For this freelance role, we’re looking for proactive self-starters who can jump on to our detailed art briefs and hit the ground running to bring static assets to life. If you’re interested in making things more permanent, we’re also hiring for a full-time position.

It’s our priority to build a diverse full-time and freelance team. We welcome applications from candidates who identify as being part of minority or underrepresented groups of any kind. The more diversity we have within our team, the better we will be.


Experience / Requirements 

  • 3+ years of real-time VFX or technical artwork experience
  • Proficient in shader creation – shader graph or shader code
  • Extensive knowledge of Unity, VFX Graph, and particle systems
  • Extensive experience collaborating with Unity developers and concept artists



  • Experience in C#
  • Experience in optimizing for iOS and Android
  • Experience in basic 3D modeling and texturing
  • Experience in basic 2D concept art and storyboarding



Your day-to-day responsibilities 

  • Create immersive animated landscapes from layered 2D artwork
  • Create visceral, exciting, and fun combat VFX
  • Work closely with a small dedicated team of developers, artists, and game designers to deliver on Fablecraft’s promise of being an intuitive digital roleplaying game!


About The Freelance Position

We’re looking for a couple of freelancers to help us bring Fablecraft to life! We have a wide range of complete static assets ready to be animated. Each asset will have a detailed art brief outlining animation direction and gameplay considerations.

Our ideal candidate would be interested in a several-month stint. With such a large scope of work, we’re also looking for full-time help.



The pay range will depend on complexity, ranging from $750 - $1,500 per complete asset. For candidates interested in a more long-term commitment, we’re open to discussing a day rate for engagements longer than 1 month.

Pay may vary further depending on individualized factors for candidates, such as job-related knowledge, skills, experience, and other objective business considerations.


We’re an independent game studio on a mission to make TTRPGs more accessible to all. Our first product, Fablecraft, is a digital tabletop roleplaying game designed to be easy to pick up and play with your friends, no matter your experience level.

Fablecraft has its own world and game system. It’s also a digital platform that makes play more seamless and intuitive while maintaining all of the roleplaying drama you know and love.

We’re working towards our launch late this year! Fablecraft will be free to download on Steam and iOS and includes a subscription model for the general release.

Featured Game

Fablecraft is a cooperative digital tabletop RPG that’s vibrant, hopeful, and easy to pick up and play. Get started quickly, journey into the magical world of Mythas, and enjoy rich adventures in sessions of 90 minutes or less!

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