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Soft Rains
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September 20, 2023
Full Time
US or Canada

About Our Studio

We are a small-but-mighty team of game dev veterans from some of your favorite indie and AAA hits. Now we’re focused on building a brand-new, sustainable studio where we can use our experience to do the best work of our careers.

We are recently founded and looking for collaborators who will have an outsized impact on the game we are building, as well as the studio itself.


About Our Project

We are building a first person, single-player, science-fiction adventure in Unreal Engine 5. It’s an original IP, driven by exploration and rich narrative. Our game is narrative-driven and rich with opportunities for visual world-building through unusual environments, bizarre biologies, and environmental effects.


Technical Artist - Look Development Wanted!

We are looking for a Technical Artist to help us develop the look for a stylized, illustrative 3D science fiction universe. You will work closely between the art and technical departments to realize the visual direction in-engine and have the opportunity to steward it from concept through production.

You will work with the Art Director, Technical Director, and our other creative leads to craft the visual identity of our first game: an original sci-fi IP built in UE5. As part of our small, experienced team, you will have the opportunity to support the artists on the team and to directly impact the game, bridging the gap between artistic intent and technical constraints.

An ideal candidate has worked on projects that have strong & opinionated visual direction. They are a force multiplier, having the ability to interpret work from other artists and provide the methodology and tooling to help them achieve the desired result in-game.

We recognize that Technical Artists are utilized in different ways at different studios, and are flexible in adapting the role to the person. The following examples give a number of ways you might contribute to the project, but we do not expect every candidate to cover every example.


Examples of your impact

  • Materials and Shaders: Deliver runtime-optimized materials based on artist needs
  • Pipeline Creation: Design and implement, and evolve the pipeline between content creation tools and the engine
  • Runtime Animation Support: Build and maintain animation blueprints and knowledge of runtime animation constraints
  • Optimization: Profile and identify content bottlenecks in the game’s runtime performance. Set up automation and validation techniques to help content creators make more performant assets


Required skills

  • Strong, engine-agnostic understanding of 3D rendering, lighting and shader development
  • A portfolio demonstrating strong competency with creating stylized, performant 3D art and scenes
  • Creative problem solver with deep understanding of Meshes, UVs, Textures and Materials
  • Experience with rigging in Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, or UE5 (Blender preferred)


Nice-to-have Skills or Experience

  • Unreal Experience, especially with a portfolio demonstrating a strong understanding of materials, lighting and post-processing.
  • Knowledge of Blend Shapes and Alembic workflow
  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine’s re-targeting and runtime animation tools
  • Experience using Houdini Engine in Unreal
  • Experience with volumetric techniques such as voxels and SDFs
  • Procedural Content Creation
    • Create procedural generation techniques that enable a small numbers of artists to create vast amounts of high quality content
  • Character / Creature Rigging
    • Collaborate with Animators to create animation rigs to their needs
    • Manage tools and pipeline going from animator’s tool of choice to engine


Work Culture + Expectations

  • We are a fully remote studio, with travel opportunities for events and/or team summits. Travel is optional for most roles.
  • We are distributed across North American time zones. Expect flexible work hours, prioritizing asynchronous communication, with meetings during shared core hours.
  • Anyone able to legally work in the USA or Canada may be considered. As an Ontario-based organization, those working from within Ontario are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Our language of communication is English. Fluency in written and spoken English will be important for you to fully participate in workplace discussions.
  • We value diverse experiences and opinions. We are actively and continually working on nurturing an environment of confidence, maturity, and mutual respect.
  • We are generally seeking full-time roles, but we are open to other arrangements based on your preferences and circumstances. Please indicate when applying if you are interested in discussing alternatives to full-time work.



We believe in wellness as a key to our success. Here’s how we are striving to achieve this:

  • Extended Health Benefits (Dental, Vision, Mental Health Support and more) active on your first day of work
  • Competitive vacation, sick leave and sabbatical policy
  • Flexible hours

As our team grows, we will continuously re-evaluate how we meet the needs of our team and modify our benefits offering as needed. We invite everyone in our team to give us feedback on how we can ensure wellness is a pillar of our employee’s experience.


A Note on Qualifications

Even if you feel like you don’t fit every criteria listed, or think that you might be under-qualified based on the description, please don’t self-reject. We know that many talented folks, particularly people from marginalized or non-traditional backgrounds, are more likely to self-reject if they don’t fit all of the criteria perfectly. If you’re excited about the role and know your own strengths and weaknesses, then we want to hear from you! We strive to create a culture where we can grow alongside each other, so we encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn’t perfectly match the job description.


How to Apply

To apply, please fill out the short form at the link below. This will allow us to collect some basic information, including attachments like a resume or cover letter. It should just take a couple minutes to fill out and helps us stay organized - Thanks!

Soft Rains

We are a recently formed team of seasoned AAA and indie game developers building a sustainable studio focused on creative excellence.

Our initial project is a first person, single-player, science-fiction adventure game, built in Unreal Engine 5. This original IP is focused on rich exploration and character-driven narrative.

Our team is fully remote and the studio is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

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