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August 29, 2023
CET +/- 4 hours

We are looking for a Game Designer with a passion for crafting engaging multi-layered boss encounters and gameplay experiences. You'll be responsible for implementing and integrating various elements, from animation and sound to voice acting, all while adhering to the unique design philosophy and humor that defines Big Boy Boxing. Strong communication skills and the ability to meet deadlines are essential for this role.

Here's what you'll be working on:

  • Writing Boss Behaviours with Custom LUA Syntax.
  • Implementing SFX, Voice Clips, Music through FMOD Studio, into the LUA script.
  • Implementing the Animations through Aseprite (we use a custom Ase-Importer) into the LUA script.
  • Creating and refining ideas for Bosses, Rematches, Cutscenes, Upgrades and other game content.
  • We have a very custom setup for our project, so very little interaction inside the Unity Editor is necessary.

Example of Cutscene:

Example of Gameplay:

(For clarity, you wont be required to create any animations, sound effects, voice clips, music, backend programming. Just putting them together to form enjoyable game content.)


  • You have an understanding of Big Boy Boxing and would be excited to work on it.
  • You can understand a GDD and other Level/Boss Design specifications, and also create/modify them.
  • You are confident in being able to script complex boss behaviour, using custom LUA Syntax.
  • You have excellent English communication skills, mostly in chat, but also by voice calls once in a while.
  • You've worked on atleast one game together with a team before, that has been commercially released.
  • You can use the features of GitHub, and Dropbox, Aseprite, LUA, FMOD Studio.
  • You are able to work during weekdays, daytime in Europe. Roughly around 9-17 CET Time. (Remote is fine, however if you are located in Göteborg Sweden, you are welcome to work in our office at Lindholmen)

Additional Details

  • Commission based position, paid by completed content.
  • Possibility for a full-time contract after successful collaboration.
Soupmaster Games
Featured Game

Big Boy Boxing is an upcoming game by Swedish Indie Game Studio Soupmasters. Big Boy Boxing is the energetic Boss Rush game inspired by the Punch-Out!! series, emphasizing fluid gameplay, slapstick comedy, and variety in abilities. 

The project is funded by Joystick Ventures, making it possible for the game to become as knockout fun as possible!

The game is planned to be released around Q1 2024.

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