Generalist Programmer (Unreal)

Stray Titan Studio
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March 15, 2024
Full Time
$50 CAD per hour

Stray Titan Studio is looking for a generalist programmer well-versed in Unreal Engine. This position is for those interested in creating games that are unique, evocative, and beautifully crafted. If you want to be a major part in making something different and special then this is for you.



  • Prototype, develop and implement game features including core gameplay, AI, UI, etc.
  • Test, debug, and optimize implementations
  • Collaborate in development discussions and contribute ideas towards all aspects of the game’s production and development
  • Keep all code and Blueprints well organized and easy to read. Document when appropriate



  • Extensive knowledge of Unreal Engine 5, Blueprints, and C++
  • 2-3 + years of experience using Unreal Engine
  • Proficiency with Version Control: Strong experience with version control systems is essential
  • Understanding of Unreal Engine Framework: Familiarity with key components such as GameInstance, Subsystem, Controllers, and Actors
  • Familiarity with Gameplay Ability System: Ideally, a good amount of experience with Unreal's Gameplay Ability System is preferred, or at least a basic understanding, as it is utilized in the project
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting Skills: Strong proficiency in debugging and troubleshooting C++ and Blueprint code is necessary
  • Performance Optimization: Possess a strong understanding of memory management and consistently make decisions that enhance the scalability and performance of the game. Familiarity with Unreal's performance debug toolkit like Unreal Insights/Memory Insights is beneficial
  • Preference for C++ Over Blueprint: Prioritize C++ coding over Blueprint where feasible, while considering the appropriateness of Blueprint usage
  • Documentation Skills: Ability to effectively document work, including writing comprehensive documentation
  • Understanding of Behavior Trees for AI: Good grasp of Unreal's Behavior Trees for AI programming
  • Familiarity with Unreal Materials and UMG: Understanding of Unreal Materials and Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) for UI development
  • Passion for games and game development
  • Solid understanding of basic game design
  • Fluent & professional English skills, both verbally and in writing


Nice to Have:

  • Knowledge or experience in other core-aspects of game development (design, art, sound, etc.)
  • Strong work ethic and self-motivated
  • Located in US or Canada


Employment Details:

  • Type: Full-time contract
  • Location: Fully remote
  • Rate: $50 CAD per hour
  • Start-date: April 2024


How to Apply:

Send an email with your resume, please include your time zone and any other relevant information or documents.

Stray Titan Studio

Stray Titan Studio is an independent game studio that strives to make unique, evocative and beautifully crafted experiences. The goal is to make games that are a joy to play but also stand out as something memorable, special and distinct.

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