Unreal Engine Blueprint Gameplay Developer

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September 18, 2023

Develop and implement new features and content through Unreal Engine Blueprints within an existing codebase.

Small company. Fully remote. Job related to the popular survival crafting game Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival.

NDA signing required. Trial required. 20-40 hours/week.


  • Strong and proven experience in developing blueprint gameplay features (3+ years).
  • Strong ability to understand and work within an existing blueprint codebase.
  • Ability to communicate well and work closely with the design lead.
  • C++ knowledge is a bonus but not required.


This development role is very broad and there is a lot of content/art implementation work to be done, not just gameplay programming.

We need you to be the main developer on the project, creating new features but also implementing new content and art assets.


  • Implementing new BP sub-systems within an existing codebase and systems.
  • Modifying existing BP systems to add new functionality.
  • Implementing or modifying content (like new items, structures, monsters, etc).
  • Implementing other work such as FX, sound, 3D art, animations etc.
  • Doing any other development related things we might need.


Additional Details:

  • Project Length: 3 to 6 months
  • Hourly: More than 30 hrs/week
  • Intermediate: I am looking for a mix of experience and value
  • Contract-to-hire: This job has the potential to turn into a full time role
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Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival - TIME TRAVEL through history to BECOME GOD. Ride dinosaurs, forge tools, sail dunes, build a colony, siege castles, automate and fly, mine underground, launch to the moon, build a dyson sphere! An insane, unforgettable and revolutionary survival crafting base building open world adventure.

Karagon - Survive, shoot, construct, and ride killer elemental robots. Craft equipment, explore multi-floor buildings, build and farm, uncover schematics, and progress through technology tiers. Alone or with friends in this brutal post apocalyptic open world survival robot riding crafting shooter game!

Outerverse - Build automated machines and weapons across the universe, beat massive bosses, experience cosmic events and explore unique landmarks in this quest driven automation crafting adventure game. Includes a manual scenario for crafting instead of machines for those not a fan of logic/automation!

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