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March 18, 2024

A small team working on an online Medieval MMORPG game is looking for some experienced help to develop and expand the playable world!

The project is in early-alpha stage with a live playable demo available on steam. It is an open world with semi-realistic art style inspiration (Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Witcher 3), using advanced Unreal Engine features. We would like to continue this development to refine and expand the playable space.


About the Role:

Together with our current team & community, you will be an experienced 3d artist responsible for creating the world the players adventures in. This includes (but is not limited to);

  • Mocking level layouts
  • Sculpting the landscape
  • Creating and decorating gameplay areas (Towns, Fields, Caves, Dungeons)
  • Creating & placing gameplay objects (NPCs, mineral veins, trees, forges)
  • Editing 3D assets (as required)
  • Creating Gameplay Assets (as required)


You will be referencing the Design Documentation and existing work to gain an understanding of the game and the world, before using your creative energy to bring the world to life for the player around to see and explore in a way that synergises with the lore and gameplay mechanics. Your primary focus will be the world, but you may also be asked to help create gameplay assets (e.g. dress-up NPCs) or make specific modifications to assets.

The core deliverables are versioned and playable Unreal Levels, detailed and filled with gameplay elements (gathering nodes, crafting stations, Quest NPCs, monsters etc.) that are performant and run well on modern PCs.

You must have your own Windows-Based PC with minimum specs powerful enough to play the latest titles at high settings in order to view the game and effectively work with the PBR assets.


What you Get:

You'll get to be a part of a technically challenging project with a fun, close-knit caring community working on a project who's primary ambition is to make a fun game with no pay-2-win.

This is a contracted, remote, flexible role with part-time and full-time hours available. We welcome global applications, but require a regular 'overlap' time for meetings.


Core Skills & Requirements:

  • High-End Desktop PC to work from
  • Unreal Generic Competency (navigation, blueprints, engine etiquette, asset management)
  • Unreal Deep Understanding of Level Building Concepts (Landscaping, foliage, lighting, LODs, shader complexity)
  • Experience working with Unreal advanced level features (World Partition, Nanite, Lumen)
  • Understanding of SDLC / GDLC
  • Experience playing at least 1 'MMORPG' style game
  • Good written and spoken English communication skills


Nice to haves:

  • Experience using Perforce source control
  • Experience using heightmap generation tools (E.g. Gaea, World Map Generator)
  • Concept art / illustration skills
  • Good 3D asset creation/editing/skinning skills (creating small custom assets, editing marketplace assets)
  • Good understanding of 3D asset creation process and pipeline into Unreal
  • UK Timezone for meetings


Commercial Notes:

  • Role Type: Contract
  • Duration: 3-6 months (with extension possibility)
  • Hours: Flexible Working
  • Compensation Rate: Candidate dependent
  • Related Roles: Level Designer, World Artist


Recruitment Process:

  • Initial Outreach
  • 1st Interview - Introduction
  • 2nd Interview - Competency
  • Contract and Offer


If you are interested, please send a note introducing yourself with a CV, your hourly compensation expectations and a link to your portfolio

If you have any questions about the role, please include it in your initial note. We will endeavour to respond to all applications, regardless of outcome.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing from you!

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