Ahmed joined us in the Work With Indies Discord in February 2023 for a voice chat with our community members about he and his brother's experience building a 25 person indie developer along with some tips and tricks for folks interested in joining their growing team. We've captured and shared the audio from that conversation below.

Listen in to our conversation with Ahmed about their company culture, how they hire, and their latest open roles:

*We forgot to press a record button and unfortunately missed intros and the first 10 minutes of the conversation.

[.c-highlight]You can listen to the full audio recording above! We’ve broken down all the questions and topics below so you can get a nice feel for what was discussed[.c-highlight]

Questions / Topics

  1. On confidence, or faking it until you make it
  2. Lessons learned growing a team from 2 to 25
  3. Not hiring too fast in order to set people up for success
  4. What it means to be a part of Decoy Games
  5. Iteration and feedback at Decoy Games
  6. Their application, interview, and assessment process + hiring from outside of games
  7. Passing the vibe check + researching the company and their games
  8. The type of people that are successful at Decoy Games
  9. Hiring underrepresented developers in a historically non-inclusive industry
  10. Starting a game studio with no prior games experience
  11. Surviving in a competitive industry with limited funding opportunities
  12. Opening doors for others
  13. Favorite book
  14. Wrapping up

Loving what you hear? Apply for or tell a friend about Decoy Games' current open roles.

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