We hosted an AMA with Buddy Sola, Community Manager at Akupara Games. Listen to him talk about topics ranging from company culture, interviewing tips, and their closed Marketing Strategist & Game Publishing Producer roles!

[.c-highlight]You can listen to the full audio recording above! We’ve broken down all the questions and topics below so you can get a nice feel for what was discussed[.c-highlight]

Questions / Topics
  1. A bit of an introduction from Buddy!
  2. A little bit about the roles they had open, and why
  3. How Akupara works as a publishing company, and what kind of clients do they take on
  4. How did he go from Square Enix to Akupara Games?
  5. Some key differences between Square Enix and Akupara, going from AAA to indie
  6. What kind of things they were looking for for both open roles
  7. Buddy describes Akupara and its culture in his own words
  8. How he went from a place that already had an established process (typically AAA) versus having less/none (typically Indie)
  9. Problem solvers - what every job app is looking for
  10. How has the company changed since Buddy joined
  11. How big are the teams/company?
  12. So this is a backfill for a role, not a new one? Why is that?
  13. A lawn mower analogy? For a Marketing position?
  14. Interviewing - one key skill that he is looking for
  15. How can someone best represent themselves in an interview?

Audience Questions
  1. Advice for breaking into the games industry
  2. More about the VIP program
  3. Any advice for an indie studio prerelease of a game - specifically marketing and community management
  4. Akupara gives comprehensive feedback on games submitted to them
  5. A skill Buddy learned while working at Akupara that surprised him that he was able to get good at. How did he get good at it?
  6. Favorite type of trailer format and any formulas he’s noticed while making them.
  7. How does he compare candidates after the interview process?
  8. Will Akupara be growing in the future to hire more for their Marketing & Social team?
  9. Any parting advice for those applying for the open roles, or those wanting to level up in their current marketing/community roles!

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  2. Podcast
  3. Company Twitter
  4. Website
  5. Discord


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