We hosted an AMA with Chris Chancey, President and CEO at Manavoid. Listen to him talk about topics ranging from company culture, their open C++ Programmer role, Indie Asylum, and more!

[.c-highlight]You can listen to the full audio recording above! We’ve broken down all the questions and topics below so you can get a nice feel for what was discussed[.c-highlight]

Questions / Topics

  1. AMA begins with an intro from Chris
  2. Chris tells us more about their (at the time) open role for a C++ Programmer
  3. What kind of advice can you give those applying to your job?
  4. What even is “Deterministic Rollback”? And why is it a requirement for the job?
  5. More specifics about what the new hire will be doing
  6. 4-day work week! Nice!
  7. What other advantages do you get by working at ManaVoid?
  8. Indie Asylum and what it is?
  9. What was the decision to switch genres from Rainbow Billy to this new fighting, tactical game?

Audience Questions

  1. How do you support professional development for your employees (conferences, courses, workshops, etc.)?
  2. I noticed on your company's website that you want to combine game mechanics in your games. Are there any specific games you can link to your inspiration for the games your studio makes?
  3. I'm a student learning C++. What specific C++ and/or Unreal C++ things are you looking for in portfolio pieces?
  4. Can you elaborate on what you look for in a portfolio? (Not just for coding positions would also be helpful (I’m mainly an artist)
  5. I'm a recent CS college grad that has been having trouble finding work since graduation. How much on-the-job training do you offer if at all for people getting into the field?
  6. What are your remote worker options for employees?
  7. Would you consider a candidate who is a network/netcode gameplay programmer with no experience in Unreal, but a couple of years of experience in Unity?
  8. What is your advice on job postings that have 3+ experience required but you have zero experience?
  9. Do y’all help with relocation and visas?
  10. Do you have any experience in art direction, or maybe UI/UX? I'd love to hear any suggestions for organizing a pre-production and production schedule for art and design if you have
  11. For indie groups, are there things that artists could do which might help the rest of the team. Perhaps related to concepts and design, how might an artist help the level designers for example?
  12. I do have a question if possible about bureaucracy, why do some companies say: We are sorry but we can't hire international candidates?
  13. ArtStation seems to be the de facto game artist portfolio site these days. Is there anything similar/specific that you look for from programmers or is it less cut and dry? Itch and GitHub I guess?
  14. Are junior devs hired mostly through junior job applications or through other means like applying to higher-level jobs?
  15. Any last words of advice for our community?

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