Here is our third iteration of our How To Break Into The Industry with Masao Kobayashi! This time we focused on Concept Artists.


Sunshine Kim

Thérèse Lanz

Jessica Cheng

[.c-highlight]You can listen to the full audio recording above! We’ve broken down all the questions and topics below so you can get a nice feel for what was discussed[.c-highlight]

Question / Topics
  1. Introductions
  2. What was our guests training/educational background before getting into the games industry?
  3. First job in the industry
  4. Is it pretty rare for concept artists to find a concept artist job right out of school?
  5. Junior artist jobs?
  6. What even is concept art?
  7. Portfolios!
  8. Quick aside for NSFW content in portfolios
  9. Resume and cover letters
  10. How hard is it to get a job as a concept artist in the games industry?

Audience Questions
  1. Is it better to directly apply to studios even if they don't have any openings, or look for any opening related to what you want to do regardless of the studio?
  2. What is something that applicants miss or are doing wrong when it comes to their portfolio?
  3. Where do y'all look for job openings for specific locations?
  4. For more realistic sorts of games, how important is art style in concept art?
  5. Reminder that you're competing against other people
  6. Last thoughts / advice!

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