Hello everyone! We hosted a Kickstarter Q&A with Stephane Cotichini, Game Director and Founder at 81monkeys again! This time, he'll talk about the ongoing success of his current Kickstarter campaign and much much more!

[.c-highlight]You can listen to the full audio recording above! We’ve broken down all the questions and topics below so you can get a nice feel for what was discussed[.c-highlight]

Questions / Topics
  1. Cool techno music
  2. Stephane introduces himself, the studio, the game, and their current Kickstarter!
  3. Stephane walks us through his process of creating the Kickstarter
  4. He discusses the history and journey and how that led them to launch the Kickstarter
  5. Funding issues when launching a Kickstarter
  6. What does he mean by he, “felt like he was the only one that believed we could hit our reasonable funding/goal."
  7. Kickstarter has started! How did it shift from being negative to positive?
  8. Conversation rate of sign-ups to pledges?
  9. YouTuber critiques the Kickstarter page
  10. What Stephane believes is most important about a Kickstarter
  11. How the changing of a downward trend to an upward one is tough and rare

  12. What is luck?
  13. Steps that they took pre-Kickstarter that he felt helped them
  14. Pitching the game
  15. Testing the tagline
  16. What was the decision behind the Kickstarter video (which is just the trailer)?
  17. How did they come up with the monetary amount for the goal?
  18. Profit Margins of the Kickstarter, Pricing
  19. Physical goods as an add-on? Part of a tier?
  20. What is the value you’re giving your backers vs the investment you’re getting in the game
  21. What do their Stretch Goals look like? Why did they decide to not show all of them at once?
  22. Stephane had to head out early due to a fire alarm at his building

Nate discusses “Surprise and Delight”, a marketing concept
Holding back your stretch goals can help you in other ways

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World of Anterra website
Studio website


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