Adroit Studios

We build educational 3D games for institutions and companies to take their teaching methods to the next level.

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Columbia, MO
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Adroit Studios

We love learning, and games are an amazing way to learn.

From Oregon Trail to flight simulators to MineCraft — many of us have been impacted by games.

That’s why we started Adroit Studios. Housed in the School of Information Science and Learning Technology with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD-level education in Serious Gaming, Instructional Design and Gaming Design; our team has the tools to build engaging games and make a true impact on learning.

While working on several educational gaming research projects, including Mission Hydro Sci, vSchool, and iSocial we have found that usually there are people who build games, and of course people who teach — but rarely those who do both. So Adroit was born — a serious game studio that serves the long-term needs of education, wellness, training, research, and other industries.

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