Clever Plays

Montreal indie game studio creating innovative games for all players.

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Montreal, QC
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Clever Plays
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Clever Plays is an independent studio located in Montréal and founded in 2013. We develop video games for PC and console gamers. Our catalog includes Leap of Fate, a cyberpunk roguelite, and Operation: Tango, a multiple award-winning espionage co-op game. We are currently working on two new games, including an open-world tactical-RPG.

Creative statement: Our game development journey is never bound by convention or genre. We tackle ideas that challenge us so we can deliver bold and memorable experiences to our players. Forever curious. Always creative. We are Clever Plays.

As a workplace, Clever Plays’ values are respect, collaboration and quality.

Clever Plays also has a sister-company: the marketing agency Indie Angels, which provides marketing support to other indie studios and to ourselves, thus ensuring that Clever Plays’ games benefit from great strategy and discoverability.

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