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An inclusive lifestyle brand for the gaming community where the worlds of social and gaming coexist.

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New York, NY
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Coexist Gaming
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Coexist Gaming is a subscription-based gaming lifestyle company that provides a 360° inclusive ecosystem for community, culture, connection and opportunity. Our ecosystem is designed to provide optimized networking experiences and incubate talent that accelerates IP for game design and development. Our goal is to be the conduit for your personal growth and professional development, as they coexist.


We Stand on Our Core Values

  • Community. We are gamers, geeks & artists & we built a world we wanted to live in. We have had our members successfully design, compose music for and develop video games. We have placed them on iconic stages to catapult their artistic and competitive careers as well as expanded their brand awareness.
  • Culture. Our culture is inclusion: Cosplay, Anime, Comics, Games, Esports & Music. We incubate through innovation. Our members never have to choose between being creative, technical or logistical, instead we built a society where all of their brilliant facets, can coexist.
  • Connection. Authentic representation is how we connect & why we coexist. We continue to enable our members to foster meaningful and significant relationships that will breed proliferation in business and facilitate forward movement in gaming, entertainment and tech industries.
  • Opportunity. Bridging the gaps & merging new worlds opens doors for us all. Empowering game devs by encouraging collaborative development, enables them to build better games in an innovative co-working environment and expand the perspective of how video games are achieved.
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