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We are a collective of like minded individuals who believe in capturing human interest & emotion with entertaining & creative experiences.

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Cedar Park, TX
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Dillo Interactive
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Dillo Interactive started as a side project. As we are in year 4, we finally put out our first flag ship ~ My Little Blood Cult on December 14th 2023 and have hit 50,000 downloads in just 2 months.

Our mission is to make 1 game a year and run marketing first game campaigns. This means if people like the initial ideas we work as fast as possible to launch a beta to market. This way we aren’t wasting time on bad ideas and stay nimble each month.

Currently we are a team of 3, with multiple contractors available and we usually offset company costs with contract work with other studios/marketing agencies etc.

We usually focus on Cute, Cozy or Collecting and stay in a 2d style (for now) because its easier to move fast that way.

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