Half Mermaid

Half Mermaid is a video game production company based in Brooklyn, New York. We were founded in 2017 by four time Bafta winning writer-director Sam Barlow, creator of Her Story.

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Brooklyn, NY
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Half Mermaid

Half Mermaid Productions is an independent video game studio founded by Sam Barlow. Our mission is to create authored, player-centric stories across the spectrum of narrative genres. Our game IMMORTALITY was the first ever indie game to get a perfect 10/10 in Edge Magazine and won BAFTA, GDC, and IGF awards, holding its own against AAA titans.


Our Mission

To create authored, player-centric stories across the spectrum of narrative genres.


Our Values

As the founding members of Half Mermaid, we worked together to establish the following values for our studio. For an in-depth explanation behind each of these pillars, please visit our Brand Value Deck.

  • Community. Our studio was founded in Brooklyn, outside the central hub of the game industry and surrounded by the deep history of storytelling, art, and culture in New York City. We have the opportunity to enrich the development of games around our home, and the responsibility to include and amplify new and underrepresented voices in our scene.

  • Innovation. We are driven to create new game genres and push the boundaries of how game mechanics are utilized to tell stories. As popular entertainment continues to become more interactive, we aim to shape its future.

  • Integrity. We believe in a proactive approach to ensuring the quality of our work and how we go about making it. We value and nurture the voices of our creators. When mistakes are made, we listen, learn, and take action.

  • Inclusivity. We are the change we want to see in the gaming industry. That means we center narratives around a diverse set of individuals. It also means we are and work with a diverse set of individuals, providing a multiplicity of perspectives on our methods and projects.
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