Hololabs develops award-winning interactive digital media at the intersection of technology, creativity, and play.

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Victoria, BC
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Hololabs was founded in 2011 by researchers in intelligent systems and veterans from AAA gaming, and has developed a diverse portfolio ranging from theme park rides to mobile games and virtual reality. We thrive on technically challenging and ambitious experiences, and have won several awards for our success. The studio spends about half of its time / team on work-for-hire projects that are typically interactive installations, themed entertainment projects, or AR/VR apps for clients. The remaining time is devoted to internal video game projects.

Our most recent game, Sky Haven, is a location-based mobile puzzle game that mixes mechanics from games like Pokémon GO with merge games like Merge Mansion. It features our proprietary sky-based AR system, map navigation with our own database of playable POIs, and an engaging alternate reality narrative. Prior games include a kids game based on a book series called The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency, and a breakdance battle game called Floor Kids, which was developed in collaboration with infamous turntablist, Kid Koala, and superstar animator b-boy, JonJon.

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