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Roboto Games is a remote-first, venture-backed, video game studio. We make games that are good alone and great together. We could use your help!

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San Mateo, CA
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Roboto Games

👋 Hi!

We’re Roboto Games, a minty fresh venture-backed games company. Before this we were leading games at PopCap and EA and this isn’t our first rodeo/game studio.

In 2007 we founded ZipZapPlay, a web and Facebook gaming company (we baked lots of cupcakes while making Baking Life), which we sold to PopCap (zombies also eat cupcakes it turns out) before they sold to EA in 2011. On average, we have 12 years of experience designing games across many genres and platforms with over $100m in revenue and over 65m players.

At Roboto, our mission is to make games that are good alone and great together. Our games are real-time multiplayer and cross-platform, so friends can easily play together.

Our upcoming game is a stylized open world survival crafting game code-named “Project Storm”, where players will craft, build, fight, and harness epic storms to survive in a magical fantasy world. It is built on top of a deep modding platform allowing anyone to easily make their own amazing content or try out mods others have made.

We believe in making games that are fun for years and that will appeal to a broad range of players. Whether it’s on PC or console you and your friends can play together anytime and anywhere.

Culture & Values

Good Alone

  • Have Fun. What would be the point of making video games if you’re not having fun?
  • Define a vision, then test early and test often. We take risks, but calculated ones. We test and iterate on our vision in order to ultimately succeed.
  • Have the hard conversations when needed. We have strong opinions, weakly held. We constantly re-evaluate our thinking in light of new information even if it can be difficult to hear.
  • We are high performers. We work hard but we also work smart. We value output not hours spent.

Great Together

  • Everyone on the team has a voice. We want to know what everyone thinks, even the things that are hard to hear, but we have clear decision makers to avoid analysis paralysis.
  • Treat others like they want to be treated. Teams need psychological safety to be high performing.
  • Diversity is not just an afterthought, it’s part of who we are. From day 1, we have been aiming to bring together people of different cultures, ethnicities, gender identities and backgrounds to make games that a diverse player base can enjoy.
  • Support a great remote experience. With half of our team spread across North America, we'll always support remote work.

Great Games

  • We’re not satisfied with the status quo. We want to make the world a better place through games.
  • Take on big challenges. We dream big, but in a thoughtful way so that we can have the most impact over the long term.
  • Make games that are fun. We know that fun games in the right market will stand the test of time.

For Our Players

  • Make games that our players love to play. That means defining a clear target audience and testing with our players throughout development.
  • Be transparent with our community. We strive to be as transparent as possible with our community and bring them along our development journey.
  • Address the core issues, not the loud voices. We always look for ways to gather feedback both quantitative and qualitative to make better decisions.

Why work at Roboto Games?

  • Large Impact. As a member of a small team of games veterans, you will have an immense impact on our games.
  • Remote-friendly. Join a remote-friendly team and be able to set your own hours (with a minimum of overlap with the team). Get $2000 to spruce up your home office.
  • Team Travel. Travel for our occasional team gatherings in person or participate via video conference.
  • Make Great Games. Make games that you can play with your friends. Make games you can play on your phone, on your PC, on your mom’s Chromebook. You get the idea.
  • PTO & Insurance. Get 4 weeks paid vacation, stock options, 401(k), health, dental, vision benefits, paid parental leave, charitable matching. What’s not to like?a
  • Play Together. Join our weekly multiplayer happy hour and get free games so we can play and learn together.

Thank you for joining! New issues are sent every Wednesday!
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