We are an independent game studio working on Trailblazers, a colony management sim about journeying through a dangerous ethereal world on huge Landships.

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Strangers began two years ago with a post on Reddit's r/INAT (In Need of a Team). While we searched for a project to fully develop, many people joined and left. Eventually, we discovered Trailblazers, which solidified our core team.

Strangers is a burgeoning video game development studio based in Switzerland. Our passionate team operates remotely across Romania, France, and Switzerland. With support from Swiss Games and Pro Helvetia, we aim to create the games we've always dreamed of playing.

We at Strangers aim to create meaningful moments that extend beyond the game. As we're building our team for the long term, we seek individuals whose career aspirations align with ours. We're not just looking for employees, but fellow dreamers - people as passionate about crafting incredible games as we are. This shared passion propels us forward. We prioritize team well-being, ensuring everyone feels satisfied and fulfilled in their role.

As we prepare to explore the mysterious world of the March with Trailblazers, we're assembling a skilled team. If you share our passion for creating unforgettable gaming experiences, we'd love for you to join us on our journey!

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