Studio Imugi

Studio Imugi is an independent video game developer founded by industry veterans in Quebec City, Canada.

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Quebec City, QC
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Studio Imugi
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Founded in 2021 by Jongwoo Kim (Kitfox), Martin Brouard (Sabotage, Frima) and Quinn Kybartas, Studio Imugi pursues innovative projects with strong narrative elements, while maintaining a mature and sustainable work culture. This means no crunch, and utmost respect for each other and our players - regardless of differences in title, discipline, cultural background, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation.

Studio Imugi is named after a mythological serpent from Korean legends, which repeatedly rises from the water to try and ascend into the sky. The Imugi’s spirit of persistence and innovation is an essential aspect of our studio’s values and a metaphor for the craftsmanship involved in indie game development.

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