VRChat offers a first-of-its kind, game-changing platform that provides an endless collection of social VR experiences and gives the power of creation to its robust community.

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We are one of the leading Virtual World platforms, hosting one of the largest active online communities of users and creators. Our community has created millions of pieces of content and spends many hours in-world in a given session. Countless friendships, groups and events have formed, and continue to grow daily.We have launched on Steam (Vive, Index, Mixed Reality) and Oculus Home (Rift and Quest), with plans for more platforms into the future. VRChat does not require VR for use, but many of our desktop users upgrade quickly after spending time on the platform.

We have secured key investment from major partners, allowing us to grow and develop VRChat for the foreseeable future. You only have to dive into VRChat for a few hours to see its potential. You can follow our blog and dev streams to see more shared details of our roadmap. You can also find more information on VRChat here on our site. If you want to take a look at what it’s like to develop content for VRChat, take a look at our developer documentation.

While we work hard to build the platform, it is our users that create all the content. Using the Unity game engine with our SDK, people create and upload their creations to share with their friends and the world. In addition to building content, users put on performances, play games, chat, make friends, roleplay, hold events and stream using services such as Twitch and Youtube. Additionally, we have one of the largest communities on Discord.



Creating the Future

VRChat is still in an Early Release phase. That means much of the platform is still in development and under exploration. There’s plenty of room for people to join us and be instrumental in helping shape major pieces. We also work closely with our Community to gather feedback and grow together. Our goal is to spend the coming years building VRChat into one of the most successful community-driven social VR platforms in existence. To do that we will continually iterate and expand on the VRChat platform to allow more methods of creation and expression. We have plans to monetize eventually in ways we think will foster community creativity and fun. We will also continue to expand our team and business relationships with talented people who share our vision and passion.


Remote Work

The VRChat team all work remotely. We are distributed around the United States, Canada and Europe. We have semi-flexible working hours with some core hours in the Pacific (UTC -7/-8) time zone. It really doesn’t matter where you work from, as long as you have a great internet connection and the ability to connect to the VRChat platform. We’ve also recently launched on the Oculus Quest, which is a really handy travel-ready version of VRChat.



We are a passionate, dedicated team that understands the VRChat platform and works well together. We have grown very carefully, mostly hiring good folks from our Community and past people we’ve worked with. Since we are remote, we conduct part of the interview process where candidates meet the team in VR using VRChat. We look for people that share our vision, are self-starters and good communicators.Our team spends a significant amount of time in VRChat for fun as well as for work. Many of the team have other interests and talents that come from their love of development, VR, virtual worlds, or just being creative.VRChat fosters a diverse, creative, and collaborative environment where anyone can contribute to any of the ongoing projects or direction of the roadmap at any time. We also do our best to listen carefully to our Community, testing out features with them in small, large, and community-wide Open Beta tests to collect feedback. We are also friends with many people in our community, having met them through VRChat, IRL meetups, and conferences.



  • Work Remotely. Work from anywhere! We use collaboration software to stay organized and VRChat for meetings and hanging out.
  • Health & Wellbeing. Medical, Dental and Vision plans for those in the United States, and extended health plans in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Fun. Monthly team dinners, get-togethers and once a year, we travel somewhere fun for a few days to hang out, catch up, brainstorm and have fun.
  • Tools. You’ll be provided a powerful PC, high-end VR hardware, and any software you need to make you effective in your role.
  • Vacations. Flexible vacation schedules that are encouraged. Most United States and Canadian holidays are observed by everyone on the team.
  • Swag. Great VRChat and Developer Team Swag such as hoodies, coffee mugs, t-shirts, sun glasses and even custom 3D printed goodies.



VRChat is exploring the frontiers of Virtual Worlds and working as a fully remote team. These are some of the traits we look for in people wishing to join the team:

  • People with passion for VR, Social and Virtual Worlds.
  • Great communicators! This is key in any team, but we all work remotely. We’ve found that being an effective communicator is even more important when everyone’s remote.
  • People that not only meet the job requirements, but people that have shown an ability to excel in a role or demonstrate passion and accomplishment with their own projects-- especially ones that are social, remote and collaborative.
  • Ability to collaborate well. Everyone on the team is a contributor and we work together daily to pitch ideas and solve problems.
  • Self-starters. We don’t have a large hierarchy of management. We structure our roadmap and project teams with the expectation of those individuals and teams to work toward their goals every day without too much oversight.
  • Wearing multiple hats. VRChat is evolving and growing in an arena that is often defined by changes in hardware and software platforms or other industry trends. At times, we have to change directions quickly. This requires a degree of flexibility and everyone on the team pitches in to help with whatever they can when needed.


Additional experience and skills that are helpful:

  • You are a frequent VRChat user or creator. Knowing how things actually work within the platform or community will give you more context for contribution.
  • You are fluent in the Unity Game engine and editor
  • You’ve got some game or VR development experience
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