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Work With Indies is an indie-friendly job board and an inclusive community supporting careers working for and with indie developers.

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Work With Indies is an indie-friendly, easy-to-use, and privacy-focused job board (with ~150k monthly page views) and an inclusive community (with 15,000 members) supporting careers working for and with indie developers. We're creating a safe and central place for 1. people to find cool jobs in indie games and 2. for indie studios to find talent specifically interested in indie games, away from the crowded AAA job sites.

We also host a community with channels and resources to help employees level up their applications and professional development, as well as assist employers in providing fun, fulfilling, and supportive careers in indie games.

While we’re still just getting started, we’ve already helped hundreds of community members level up their application materials, find and land their dream jobs, improve their hiring practices, and make a bunch of new friends along the way.

Our aspirations are not only to make it easier to find work in indie games but to help make indie games a better place to work.

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