Technical Art Consultant

Adroit Studios
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February 20, 2024
Columbia, MO

Adroit Studios at the University of Missouri (MU) is looking for a contract Technical Art Consultant to assist us with the creation of in-game cinematics.

Want a glimpse at the types of challenges you’ll work on? Check out these example animation rigging desync Unit forum post and multi-rotation Unity forum post. These are the kinds of problems you’ll solve.


Core responsibilities

  • Document and peer review technical workflow of cinematics throughout project. 
  • Provide technical assistance to the cinematic creator as well as offering knowledge for better implementation into the game.
  • Consistently refine technical knowledge within cinematics, as well as sharing knowledge with the team.
  • Creating additional, custom content for Timelines or Animation Rigging such as playables or constraints.
  • Being able to translate technical needs of utilized packages into cinematics and/or gameplay.



Required Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of Unity software for developing Unity 3D games.
  • Rig and animate characters via Animation Rigging package, while also having an understanding of constraints and how animation works with AR.
  • Optimizing AR rigs for cinematic animation and gameplay elements.
  • Identifying and fixing errors/bottlenecks with Cinematic workflow.
  • Technical Skills:
    • Unity
      • Animation Rigging package, Unity Animation, Timeline package, Sequences package.
      • Cinematic design and animating with Animation Rigging package.
  • Knowledge and experience with:
    • 3D development
    • 3D animation
    • Rigging
    • Inverse Kinematics

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with Unity Animation blending and creating Additive Animations for use in Timeline cinematics.
  • Experience with the Slate Cinematic Sequencer plugin
  • Version Control:
    • Comfortable working within a version control system
      • Perforce
      • Github
      • Unity VCS/Plastic SCM
  • Knowledge and experience with:
    • WebGL, desktop (Windows and macOS) targets
    • C# programming
  • Prior experience working as a Unity 3D developer with at least 1 shipped title.


Additional information

Position Details:

Compensation: Rate will be determined based on experience, with flexibility up to 40 hours per week, adjusted according to expertise and project requirements.

Invoicing: Payment will be made monthly upon receipt of an invoice from the artist. 

Contract Duration: The position is anticipated to span three to six months, subject to adjustment or extension as required.


To apply

Please send us an email with your resume and portfolio.

Adroit Studios

We love learning, and games are an amazing way to learn.

From Oregon Trail to flight simulators to MineCraft — many of us have been impacted by games.

That’s why we started Adroit Studios. Housed in the School of Information Science and Learning Technology with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD-level education in Serious Gaming, Instructional Design and Gaming Design; our team has the tools to build engaging games and make a true impact on learning.

While working on several educational gaming research projects, including Mission Hydro Sci, vSchool, and iSocial we have found that usually there are people who build games, and of course people who teach — but rarely those who do both. So Adroit was born — a serious game studio that serves the long-term needs of education, wellness, training, research, and other industries.

Featured Game

We are redesigning [Mission HydroSci]( (MHS), our flagship title. MHS is a third-person 3D narrative adventure that teaches middle school students water science and scientific argumentation. You can learn more about MHS from the following promotional video:

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