Unity Porting Programmer

Akupara Games
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September 21, 2022
Full Time
United States

We’re looking to expand our team, and add an additional Unity Porting Programmer who can assist us with porting games to consoles and development of original games.


You Are:

  • Proficient in Unity (3-5 years)
  • Have launched at least one game on Steam, Epic, or console game stores, using their services
  • Experience porting at least one game from PC to other consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch)
  • Comfortable working with remote teams
  • Well-versed in best practices, production pipelines, and workflows



  • Own or have access to dev kits for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and/or PlayStation 5.
  • Experience porting to mobile platforms like Apple and Android
  • Based in Los Angeles
  • Experience with Slack, JIRA/Redmine, Bitbucket, and Google Drive
  • Games are your life: you work on them and relax with them


To Apply:

To apply to this position, please submit a cover letter, resume and website/portfolio (if applicable) via email with the subject line: Unity Porting Programmer.

Akupara Games

Akupara Games is a (mostly) Los Angeles-based collective of game industry veterans with extensive experience in development for games, alongside young rising stars of the field. Together, we temper experience with forward-thinking vision, allowing us to be on the forefront of industry trends and opportunities while maintaining a strong respect for the history and process of getting games made.

We specialize in development using Unity, with a strong mix of Unreal Engine 4, GameMaker Studio, and even some light VR, AR, mobile, and app development. We are experts in porting and developing across all current gen consoles, and are among the pioneers of bleeding-edge and proprietary hardware. Akupara Games provides development support services for creatives looking to bring their visions to life, co-develops and co-finances projects we believe in, publishes award-winning indie titles from development teams across the world, and creates our own original IP.

As a fully remote company, we proudly boast employees and clients from across the globe!


Our Beliefs

  • Retention – Akupara strives to build long term relationships with our employees, contractors, developers and partners.

  • Collaborative Vision-Building – The company involves stakeholders in helping to drive the overall vision and direction of the company. This includes opening up brainstorming documents for feedback, voting on priorities, and having the team give feedback when considering projects to sign.

  • Ownership – People should feel as though they have ownership over their work, as well as a stake in the company. We trust in our team to be experts in their fields and to drive the overall vision of their department.

  • Visible LGBTQ+, minority, female-identifying, marginalized group focused – We actively support organizations, initiatives and projects that support marginalized groups. We operate under a moral compass of inclusion and compassion and actively seek out diverse candidates for roles. Additionally, we look to highlight these groups in the games we create and publish.

  • Improvement and Accountability – Akupara encourages and supports regular assessment of the work that we do, and collaboratively problem solves where we can improve. 

  • Access to Information – Akupara values documentation and ease of access to information, including practices, pipelines and resources. This is not only true for internal usage – we also share these resources with other developers, publishers and students, including giving industry talks, writing informative blogs, curating and distributing an event calendar and providing free 1-on-1 consultation services.

  • Growth Opportunities – It is important that people feel that there is the opportunity to grow in their positions. This can be in the form of more senior or managerial roles/titles, which in turn are tied to wage increases. This can also be in the form of taking on more projects, more hours, or more types of tasks outside their immediate purview. 


Akupara Games is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment or freelance contract without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

Featured Game

📣 Hi friends! We recently had Buddy Sola, Akupara's Community Manager and Expert Marketing Interviewer, in the Work With Indies Discord for a great talk about the Akupara Games culture, his own development while at the studio, and some tips for those applying for their open roles. You can listen to the interview here.

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