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June 12, 2024
PT ± 3 hours

We are FuzzyBot, a new independent video game studio founded by former AAA devs, focusing on creating co-op games that bring players together across genres and generations.

‍We are building a stylized co-op game at an intersection of action and social gaming for the HD space (PC, Switch, Xbox and Playstation) by combining the joy of creation found in a life sim with the thrill of replayable action combat found in a roguelite.

We are looking for an experienced senior engineer with a proven track record in migrating PC games developed in Unreal Engine to Xbox and PlayStation platforms. The ideal candidate should be available to start by August 2024 (earlier availability is preferred) and commit to at least 9 months to the project. FuzzyBot operates as a remote-first company, thus this position is remote; however, there's an option for onsite work at our Los Angeles office, if desired. While remote, this role demands substantial interaction with our engineering tech directors and UI designers. Hence, we are looking for someone capable of accommodating a 4-8 hour overlap with Pacific Timezone's standard working hours from 10 am to 6 pm.



  • Stand up and maintain PS5/Xbox builds of the Unreal Engine 4 based codebase.
  • Build platform specific features with team designers.
  • Port online co-op features across all platforms.
  • Assist the team through first party cert processes.

Essential Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills
  • 5+ years of professional game programming experience
  • Extensive experience with console development
  • Experience developing with Unreal Engine 4/5
  • Advanced optimization and debugging skills

Apply Now!

If you’re interested in this position, please email us your resume and any relevant examples of coding capabilities if available.


FuzzyBot was founded in late 2020 with the mission of building games that connect players across generations by creating cooperative experiences set in imaginative worlds.

Led by a team of industry veterans, we believe that smaller versatile teams with low production overhead can succeed by focusing on innovative mechanics and eye-catching aesthetics.

‍We are a highly creative group built on trust, expertise, and a love for video games. Our development philosophy is to dream big, but build smart – maintaining a pragmatic, flexible, and down-to-earth approach focused on shipping games.

Featured Game

It’s the year 3000…Sweet! Humans are now an endangered species…Oops! Evil robots are doing the whole take over the world, replace all organic life with robo-stuff, full-extinction thing…

As the last of humanity, ally with the robot resistance to push back the sinister ComBot forces and protect the planet from robotification. You’ll need to gear and power up to survive the increasingly deadly robots, hazards, and bosses.

You aren’t alone though! Together with up to 2 friends, you can harvest, farm, build, and upgrade your own automata-town with the help of your village-bot pals. Craft and upgrade, partner up, boost your robo-relations, and get ready to (hopefully) save the world!

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